Health holiday in Bad Hall: all for you

Do something for your health: At Bad Hall health centre, body, mind and soul are treated equally. “A sound mind lives in a sound body”, as the Latin saying goes.

Tip for guests at the Hotel Miraverde: In addition to the Physikarium health centre, the Hotel Miraverde offers numerous health treatments directly in the hotel. All therapies with iodine and health massages can be used directly in the Hotel Miraverde.

Physikarium: your Bad Hall therapy centre

All kinds of treatments are part of the Physikarium therapy centre treatments. Your health centre in Bad Hall near Linz emphasises a great number of healthy iodine applications and a large scope of other treatments. Select a therapy in Bad Hall suitable for you.

Therapies at the Physikarium Bad Hall:

  • Therapies with iodine: Benefit from the advantages of an iodine brine treatment in the form of drinking cures, baths, inhalations, packs, exercise and eye therapies. Alternatively, freshwater applications are offered.
  • Therapies without iodine brine: The therapy centre Bad Hall offers effective alternative treatments in case of contraindications with iodine brine.

Therapy at the four-star Hotel Miraverde

The four-star Hotel Miraverde offers a broad range of treatments at its therapy centre that you as a guest can use exclusively. The programme includes the well-known iodine therapy: Discover the unique effect of Bad Hall iodine brine. You can even benefit from the positive effects of iodine brine in the Hotel Miraverde, as all treatments are also offered directly in the hotel.

Positive effects of iodine:

  • Improves the blood’s fluidity
  • Can have an anti-oxidative effect
  • Circulation-enhancing
  • Vasodilatory
  • Expectorant
  • Immune-strengthening
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Welling (fluidity-enriching)
Cure and therapy in Bad Hall

Therapy centre in Bad Hall offers the following therapies and treatments:

Mineral water drinking cure – the most effective form to take in iodine. It has a stimulating effect upon the metabolism and upon the bowels. It does not taste too good but it is said that whoever can drink iodine saline well needs it badly!

Bathing in iodine saline is good for lowering the blood pressure, increases the blood supply, is anti-inflammatory and reduces stress. Immersed in warm iodine saline water you can literally feel the positive effects wash over you.

For the inhalation treatment, the iodine saline is turned into a fine spray using special apparatus and thus can reach the smallest branches of the bronchial tubes. This treatment has a direct effect upon the bronchial system and in the sinuses as well as having a positive effect upon the circulatory system in general.

​​​​​​Cooling packs: Here you are wrapped in saline soaked towels, this pack has a cooling effect and is an ideal treatment for the veins.

Iodine-mud pack / Iodine-mud hand-pack: The warm mud warms the body and improves the circulation, relaxes the muscles and has a purifying effect due to the increase of sweat. Patients suffering from degenerative changes in the musculoskeletal system will benefit in particular from this treatment.

Overheating pack: Here you are wrapped in saline soaked towels, this pack has a warming effect and is an ideal treatment for the musculature.

Eye Treatments: The research department of the Paracelsus Institute Bad Hall studies constantly in the creation of new, effective and unique treatments for the health of your eyes. The effects of iodine saline, which improve circulation, relieve pain and have an anti-oxidant effect, are used in numerous eye indications.

Eye Iontophoresis: During this therapy, the eye is “bathed” in special bowls in which the iodine saline solution is charged with weak galvanised electricity. The iodine particles can thus reach into and take effect deep in the eye.

Eye Spray: Special apparatus sprays dense iodine saline mist against the eye whereupon the cornea and conjunctiva absorb the iodine.

Lipid Eye Spray: This is a treatment for dry eyes – also called Sicca Syndrome – and provides an enrichment of the lipid portion of the tear fluid. During the lipid spraying, an oil-in-water emulsion which contains important elements of the natural tear-layer is sprayed onto the front of the eye. We recommend combining the lipid eye spray with our basic therapy, the eye iontophoresis.

Arm Leg Iodine Iontophoresis: In a two-cell or four-cell bath; iodine increases the circulatory and pain-reducing effects of galvanised electricity.

Jodeum – iodine brine steam cabin: (Important note: This special treatment is only offered in the Hotel Miraverde, but not in the Kurhotel Vitana.)

Invigorating freshwater treatments at the health centre Physikarium in Bad Hall

Iodine treatments and baths in iodine brine are not suitable for everybody. In case of contraindications, the Physikarium therapy centre team recommends freshwater baths and other alternative treatments. These treatments, which include exclusive Physikarium mudpacks, achieve the vitalising, regenerative, mobilising effect of a iodine treatment in a different way.

Freshwater baths and mud packs at the health centre Physikarium in Bad Hall

Invigorating freshwater baths can be brilliantly combined with pleasant, circulation-stimulating massages.

A mudpack eases ailment of the musculoskeletal and supporting apparatus, and of the intevertebral discs by heat treatment.

A partial mudpack is a particularly effective form of heat treatment for a specific area. This treatment has a metabolism-activating, circulation-stimulating, muscle-relaxing and anticonvulsant effect.

For further questions on therapies without iodine brine please contact our team at Physikarium therapy center.

Iodine inhalation in Bad Hall

More therapies in Bad Hall

Relax and enjoy soothing massage variations.

Tip for guests of the Hotel Miraverde:  You can also enjoy our health massages directly in the hotel.

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Novel iodine eye treatments have an antioxidant effect. Get help with eye problems at the visual aid centre.

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Get a thorough medical check-up.

Start an active life with the physiotherapeutic offerings.

Create a training programme attuned to your needs under competent guidance.

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Tip for guests of the Hotel Miraverde: The following therapies can be enjoyed not only in the health centre, but also directly in the Hotel Miraverde. Jodeum, a special treatment in the iodine brine steam cabin, is in fact exclusive to the Hotel Miraverde.

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Note the insurance information about your therapy centre in Bad Hall. The team will be happy to help with questions about the therapies.

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