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All kinds of treatments are part of the Physikarium therapy centre treatments. Your health centre in Bad Hall near Linz emphasises a great number of healthy iodine applications and a large scope of other treatments.

Therapy in Bad Hall: vital, fit and healthy

Benefit from iodine brine treatments in the form of drinking cures, baths, inhalations, packs and exercise therapies. Alternatively, freshwater treatments are offered.

Relax and enjoy soothing massage variations.

Novel iodine eye treatments have an antioxidant effect. Get help with heavily restricted sight at the visual aid centre.

Eye iontophoresis
Iodine particles of iodine brine solutions take effect in the depth of the eye.

Eye spraying
Special devices spray dense iodine brine mist against the eye, thus enabling absorption of the substances by the cornea and conjunctiva.

Lipid eye spraying
The dry-eyes treatment (sicca syndrome) applies important, finely nebulised parts of the natural tear fluid on the front eye sectors. Recommended in combination with eye iontophoresis.

Balancing eye exercises under professional guidance that train, relax and regenerate your eyes.

Eye exercises
During computer screen work, our eyes tend to stare and rarely blink, thus leading to burning, reddened, dry eyes. Retributive eye exercises under expert guidance train your eyes and naturally regenerate them.

Start an active life with the physiotherapeutic offerings.

Note the insurance information about your therapy centre in Bad Hall. The team will be happy to help with questions about the therapies.

Therapie und Gesundheit im Physikbarium - gemeinsam fit!

Extensive sports programme in Bad Hall

The extraordinary health sports device. Mobilise, strengthen and experience.
With heart rate measure: resting heart rate – exercise heart rate – resting heart rate. Smoveys included.

A mellow type of sport that neither strains joints nor the cardiovascular system. Trains coordinative abilities, dexterity and bodily sensations. Nordic walking sticks included.

Activate your stabilising back and abdominal muscles.

Improve power, endurance and mobility with an individual training schedule.

Therapy for your heart, circulation and coordination with music and choreographies. Water improves movement abilities.

Ideal for those that undergo high (physical) stress) in everyday life

Medical Services

During the EKG, the electric impulses caused by the workings of the heart are registered technically. From this representation, conclusions can be drawn on health and illness.


The 24-hour EKG provides information on rhythm errors (regarding the type, duration and point of time) on unnoticed (mute) circulation deficits in the heart and on the variability of the heartbeat sequence.

As with rhythmical heartbeat sequences, the temporal distance between heartbeats is not the same. The larger the variability, the more healthy and fit the person is. The smaller the variability the greater the risk. Various illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, illnesses of the coronary artery, and also stress lead to a reduction in the variability.


The blood pressure is measured in automatic intervals over a period of 24 hours.

During this lung function test, we ascertain various volumes of the respiratory system and the tidal intensity. In cases of chronic bronchitis or bronchial asthma or also with illnesses related to a reduction in thorax flexibility, the quantification of the disorder is very important.

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