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We are a registered therapy centre; you can bring a doctor’s prescription with you and be refunded part of the costs by your insurance company. You can also undergo any therapies at any time as a private party.

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If you wish to pay via your insurance, you need to bring the following with you:

  • A doctor’s prescription – you obtain this from your doctor
  • For treatments with iodine saline, a doctor’s prescription for recuperative treatment is required
  • Contact your insurance company and have the treatments prescribed.
  • Subject to approval by the insurance company, you can then begin with the therapies immediately (after receipt of the prescription). If you wish to be certain of the type and amount of therapies that you are allowed to undergo, obtain the prescription from the insurance company before embarking upon your therapy.

The therapies are issued at the reception and paid for in advance (according to the therapy plan). After completion of the final treatment, you receive the exact bill of charges from us which you can then hand in to your insurance along with the prescription.

Additional information

With the following therapies a doctor’s prescription for health resort treatments is required:
For all therapies with iodine saline, i.e. iodine baths, iodine inhalations, eye treatments, iontophoreses, mud packs, cool and heat packs, underwater massages in iodine saline.
Exception: an iodine bath per week does not require a doctor’s prescription.

With the following therapies a general doctor’s prescription is required:
Recuperative gymnastics, underwater gymnastics, special massages.

With the following therapies a doctor’s prescription is not required:
All wellbeing massages, activity programmes, massages, carbonated bath, all physiotherapies (except electrotherapy).

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