Live actively with physiotherapy in Bad Hall

Among the broad range of therapies in Bad Hall are physiotherapeutic treatments that help you get your body into shape in a conscious, regulated and controlled manner. Train strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility with respect to your physical fitness with trained physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy in Bad Hall: your active programme

  • Individual remedial gymnastics 25 min / 30 min / 45 min

The exercises are matched to your individual needs by trained physiotherapists. Under supervision, you train in a conscious and well-dosed manner and bring your body up to par again.

  • Medi-Taping 25 min

This is a new, gentle form of pain therapy.

  • Cranio Sacral-Therapy 50 min

Cranio Sacrale is a therapy, for the physical ability relating to its self-healing process.

  • Extension with heat treatment 20 min

This treatment is suitable for the relief of spinal injuries, intervertebral discs and joints and for pain relief.

  • Training therapy 25 min in small groups

Perfectly adapted to your training goals and your physical requirements, you can train your strength, stamina, coordination and mobility during this therapy.
A wide range of equipment is at your disposal: gym sticks, latex bands, Galileo vibration trainer, special seat cushions, walking machine, ergometer, and much more.

  • Electrotherapy up to 20 min

Stimulation current, galvanisation, short-wave, radiation lamp, light therapy therapeutic treatments with electric currents.

  • Physiotherapy - Check

With the physio therapeutic check body weaknesses can be found early and treated. The check begins with an initial interview and ends with an individual training plan in written form. An all-around consultancy. 1 Individual Remedial Gymnastics 60 min and 15 min advice.

Use the range of therapies in Bad Hall and visit Physikarium therapy centre. The team will be happy to advise you on further questions.

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