Offerings at your visual aid centre in Bad Hall

Even heavily restricted vision won’t restrict your view at the leading visual aid centre in Austria. During vision training in Bad Hall, you are offered advice on the ideal use of visual aids and train their optimal use adjusted to your needs.

Your visual aid centre in Austria: top offer

A low vision visual training in Bad Hall includes:

    • Assessment and functional training of visual aids
    • Assessment of functional vision
    • Assessment of required light, the sensitiveness to dazzle and contrast
    • Assessment of required filter effect for light protection glasses
    • Tips for everyday life skills for the visually impaired etc.

    Get to know and try out the following visual aids at your visual aid centre in Bad Hall:

    Close range visual aids:

      • Magnifiers (folding magnifier, lighted magnifier, stand magnifier, attachment magnifier)
      • Hyper-oculars
      • (Prism) magnifying spectacles
      • Screen-reading devices
      • Mobile electronic aids
      • Reading lights

      Far range visual aids:

        • Telescopic spectacles
        • Monoculars
        • Edge filter spectacles
        • Polarisation filter

        Drop by and be consulted at the visual aid centre in Bad Hall. The team will be happy to help you with your questions.

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