Base Fasting

Base fasting in Austria best works at the four-star Hotel Miraverde. This mild mode of fasting stabilises the acid-base balance by a specific diet. In contrast to other modes of fasting, food intake is not abstained from. Among other things, a solely basic diet positively influences the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. A fasting cure in Austria is easy: Instead of acidic food (meat, sausages, white sugar, sweets, coffee, chocolate and alcohol), vegetarian basic food (fruit, vegetables, potatoes, herbs) split into several small meals on the programme supported by two and a half to three litres of diluted herbal teas or spring water.

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Invigorating fasting cure in Austria – here’s how:

Physically and mentally prepare at the start of the fasting cure – optionally at home – with two days of relief for the upcoming days of fasting. Enjoy light fare such as rice, vegetables and fruit to reduce the energy supply. The days of purification start after a medical examination. Only consume basic food and drink enough. Important factors are the careful handling of raw fruit and vegetables, thorough chewing and not mixing too many different types of food in a meal.

What’s the effect of base fasting in Austria?

Base fasting provokes:

  • Detoxication and purification•    Bowel irrigation
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Reducing biological aging
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Tissue drainage
  • Relieving rheumatic ailment
  • Nicer skin
  • Weight reduction
  • Impulse for life change

Support the effect of base fasting with sufficient exercise and relaxation. Take particular care to sleep adequately. It helps your metabolism to excrete the acid.

Important: Only healthy persons may fast! Fasting is prohibited in case of cancer and other acute diseases, physical and mental immobility, pregnancy, being underweight and depressions.

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