Massages during your spa holiday in Upper Austria

Feel good all around during massages at the health centre Physikarium while regaling body, mind and soul. Massages in Bad Hall have a regenerative, activating, harmonising, stretching and declamping effect. Be inspired by the rich offerings at Physikarium!

Tibetan bowl massage in Bad Hall

Physikarium therapy centre: massages in Bad Hall

  • Honey Massage, 30 min

”THE” massage for all those who are stressed out, tired and tense. With special techniques and with the help of honey, accumulated waste products and toxins are extracted from deep within the bodily tissues. Dead skin cells, salts or toxins are removed. The metabolism and the flow of lymph is activated. As well as this, the activity of the organs is activated via their reflex zones in the back. The honey massage harmonises the flow of energy as well as the nervous and immune system.

  • Relaxation Massage , 30 min with aromatic oil or goat butter

Let yourself be transported into a pleasant, regenerative state of relaxation. The nervous system is calmed, chronic pain and tension eased. With this massage, the skin and the tissue beneath (muscles, soft tissues) are treated.
Various gripping techniques are used such as stroking, rubbing, kneading, pounding, chopping, slapping or shaking.

  • Tuina-Massage, 50 min, 30 min

Tuina (also called Tuina-Massage) is the manual therapy used in traditional Chinese medicine.
From a Western viewpoint, it is a blend of chiropractic elements, acupressure and various massage techniques. The spectrum of indications ranges over a wide area from musculoskeletal illnesses to headaches and sleeping problems. Their effect is based upon the opening of blocked primary routes within the body and the stimulation of the circulation with the aim of restoring the disturbed balance between Yin and Yang.

  • Touch for Health, 50 min

”Healthy via Touch” - Touch for Health (TfH) is a method, by which damaged muscle-energy flows can be balanced out again. With the aid of manual muscle tests, muscle weaknesses and energy blockages can be discovered and corrected using simple techniques, the goal being to activate the self-regulatory mechanisms of the body, relieve small imbalances in the body-energy flow and thus take responsibility for ones own health.

  • Dorn-Breuss-Therapy, 50 min

This method according to Dorn is a technique by which gentle pressure upon the ligaments between the Dorn and Querfort sections are loosened in such a way that displaced or blocked spines are guided back to their original position. The Breuss massage is a stretching and gentle massage which is applied directly to the spinal column.

  • Singing bowl Massage, 50 min, 30 min

This special massage helps against pain, stress, physical or mental tensions and you will feel refreshed and energized. The vibrations can be felt in every cell of your body and the self-healing powers will be activated. 

Benefit from the rich offerings of massages during your upcoming spa holiday in Upper Austria. Do you have further questions? Please contact the Physikarium team.

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