Healthy with iodine in Bad Hall

Take advantage of the beneficial effect of Bad Hall iodine brine for health at Physikarium therapy centre. The vitally important micronutrient has a great number of special effects in your body and helps with various diseases. The “spring at Sulzbach” was already mentioned in 777 in the deed of foundation of Kremsmünster Abbey. The healing powers of water containing iodine are used to this day.

Healthy with iodine therapy - Paracelsius Institut

Healing effect of iodine with diseases

Iodine is needed for the creation of thyroid hormones and should be sufficiently consumed with food. Additionally, the effects of iodine are:

    • Circulation-enhancing
    • Vasodilatory
    • Anti-thrombotic
    • Expectorant
    • Immune-strengthening
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Welling (fluidity-enriching)
    • Can have an antixodating effect
    • Improves blood fluidity

    The effect of iodine is used for preventing and treating the following diseases:

      • High blood pressure
      • Arteriosclerotic vasoactivities (calcification) and its consequences (calcification of coronary vessels, condition after heart attack, circulatory disturbances of the legs (smoker’s leg), condition after circulatory disturbances of the brain (stroke))
      • Chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, frequent respiratory infections
      • Chronic venous diseases
      • Degenerative affections of the musculoskeletal and supporting apparatus
      • Various skin and eye disease


      Paracelsus Institute: iodine for health

      The world-renowned and acclaimed institute has been researching the effect of Bad Hall iodine brine and developing corresponding treatments for decades. Among the focuses are:

        • Balneologic research with the goal of proving the effect of iodine brine as a cure aid
        • Researching the most effective iodine treatments
        • Other balneologic research
        • Studying the meaning of balneologic treatments in the context of preventive medicine and rehabilitation, especially in the fields of heart, circulatory and eye diseases
        • Iodine base research
        • Publication of research results

        The Physikarium team is pleased to answer further questions about the effect of iodine.

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