Check your life®: health & prevention in Bad Hall

While life expectancy in Austria is at a gratifyingly high level, the body does “lose a step or two” with increasing age. Don’t wait until you’re hit with the first problems or mobility restrictions, but actively plan your individual health protection plan instead! Regain, preserve and support your well-being with the Check your life® health and prevention programmes in Bad Hall. Combine your next spa and relaxation holiday at the 4* Health Hotel Miraverde with a sustainable health check. Read now about what really matters!

Check your life® in Bad Hall

Four Check your life® programmes for your health

The holistic approach of the Check your life® packages looks at the entire human being. Body, mind and soul form a unity, their balance being essential for leading a healthy life. Get to know the four prevention and health programmes in Bad Hall!

Natural fasting in accordance with Buchinger and alkaline fasting

Choose Buchinger fasting, where you only ingest liquids, or alkaline fasting, where you can eat your fill of alkaline food, depending on your inclination, options and inner readiness. Cleanse your body and mind with several days or an entire week of fasting, experience the pleasure of gentle exercise and enjoy purifying body treatments and massages.

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Natural remedy Bad Hall iodine brine for body & mind

Iodine brine in excellent quality emerges from several springs in and around Bad Hall. It is used for numerous treatments at the 4* health hotel Miraverde in Bad Hall. Drinking cures, baths, packs, inhalations and eye treatments are particularly effective and have an alleviating and healing effect on numerous afflictions. The psyche also benefits as baths in iodine brine have a calming and relaxing effects.

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Life balance – find new orientation in life

Every now and then, it’s time to pause for a moment, take a close look at your way of life, and to develop new perspective. A balanced programme of deep relaxation, gentle exercise and alkaline nutrition grants you the peace and self-assuredness you’re looking for to live a self-confident life. A timeout of only a few days gives you a better work-life balance.

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Eye Fit: treatments & therapies in Bad Hall

Give your eyes the attention they need with the Check your life® programme Eye Fit. Whether you suffer from burning, dry eyes or already suffer from chronic or degenerative eye diseases – the medical specialists at the eye ambulatory in Bad Hall offer the suitable therapy. The eye is the gateway to the world and the mirror of the soul. Treat your eyes to pleasant and healing treatments in Bad Hall.

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Augenfit im Kururlaub in Bad Hall

Modules for your Check your life® health holiday in Bad Hall

No matter whether you’ve only booked overnight stays at the 4* health hotel Miraverde in Bad Hall or have selected a package deal, you can always add the following modules. The diverse offerings for body, mind and soul offer recipes for inner clarity, wellness and attentiveness, and include suggestions for a new, healthy way of life.

Select from the following modules:

Analysis of the body structure to determine your actual condition, consultation on weight optimisation and purposeful weight management.

Food testing in case of allergies and intolerances, discussion on harmonising the acid-base metabolism and strengthening the immune system.

Lecture about our wild herbs, there effects and use as nutrition. 

Alkaline superfood with all essential amino acids and vitamins: information on growing and processing and the effect of this food.

Consultation on the art of living with personality development, finding a meaning and orientation to effectively reach set goals.

Individual guidance about the nutrition science an the use in daily routine. Questions about healt and well-being.

Optimising your actions through mental strength: increase your tolerance, recognise energy drains and discover your personal sources of strength.

Greater mental and emotional balance through breathing and relaxing exercises that prepare for mediation. Gain more spinal flexibility, support your equilibrium, find physical and mental balance. Individual coaching for your individual needs.

Asian knowledge for energetic activation of the meridians: self-therapy methods with elements of Hatha yoga, shiatsu and acupressure.

Breath is energy, breath is important for our existence. Learn in practical experience an theory to get more power.


Find out more about the Check your life® health and prevention programmes in Bad Hall: Order your folder by writing an email to or calling +43 7258 7996600.

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