Eye Fit with therapies in Bad Hall

We perceive our environment with our eyes, the sense of sight might even be our most important sense. It is therefore even more important to look after our eyes and pay great attention to their health. If your eyes itch, burn or tear up frequently, you spend many hours working on a computer or are already suffering from chronic illnesses or degenerative changes of the eyes, Bad Hall is the right place for you. Medical professionals and a medically trained team is available to you in the outpatients centre for ophthalmology. Find out more now!

Eye treatments with Bad Hall iodine brine

Iodine brine, a spring water occurring naturally in Bad Hall in excellent quality, has been successfully and sustainably used for treating eye diseases for many years. The eyes are “bathed” in iodine brine healing water or sprayed with finely nebulised healing water. The right treatment for you is determined during a thorough ophthalmological examination. After extensive consultation, you will receive your individual treatment plan. Iodine brine strengthens your eyes by stimulating blood perfusion and inhibiting inflammations.

Successfully treating problematic “dry eyes”

If you frequently suffer from itching, tearing and burning eyes, it is possible that you have Sicca syndrome, the so-called “dry eye”. The causes of this annoying affliction are manifold. Among them are many hours of work at a computer monitor each day day, unfavourable environmental influences, dry room air, taking certain medications, too little liquid intake, hormones and rheumatic illnesses. Your eye experts in Bad Hall recommend an eye iontophoresis (penetrating eye bath) as a basic therapy, complemented by lipid eye spraying.

Dry eyes treatment

Indications for curative application of iodine brine

If your medical eye professional has diagnosed you with one of the disease patterns mentioned below, the curative application of iodine brine in Bad Hall is recommended. Our team in the eye out patients centre will be happy to advise you on the therapy options in advance!

  • Sicca syndrome (“dry eye”)
  • Chronic conjunctive and eyelid itch inflammations
  • Obfuscation of the vitreous body (“mouches volantes”)
  • Degenerative changes to the eye, such as macular degeneration and the effects of a high level of shortsightedness
  • Pressure-regulated, chronic glaucoma
  • Vessel diseases of the eye due to diabetes and high blood pressure

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