Life balance while on a health holiday in Bad Hall

You’re in the middle of your strenuous career, mastering the daily balancing act between family and job, and long for some reorientation in your life? Even a brief timeout in Bad Hall helps you to change your perspective, recharge your batteries and adjust your life balance the way you need it to be. Lay the foundations for a positive, more relaxed lifestyle and greater joy of life with yoga, deep relaxation and alkaline nutrition. After all, tranquillity is a source of strength!

The components for your conscious life balance

Gentle, targeted exercise, relaxing treatments and exercises, and alkaline nutrition are the three pillars on which your health programme in Bad Hall is based. Yoga sessions, active exercise in nature and targeted exercises for increased mobility sharpen your body’s senses while enhancing your body awareness. Meditation, exercises for attentiveness and peace lead to deep inner relaxation, which, in turn, is the foundation for a conscious orientation for the future. The alkaline nutrition neutralises the body, has a healing effect on the inner organs and leads to greatly improved and rejuvenated skin. The combination of all of these measures facilitates a life balance for many years of health and happiness.

Relaxation with thermal spa visits in Bad Hall

Your health holiday in Bad Hall comes with an additional benefit, the highly effective thermal water. The water, which is enriched with iodine brine, has been successfully used for treatments and therapies for decades. The blood pressure-reducing effect of iodine brine supports deep muscular relaxation, which, in turn, leads to mental regeneration. Tip: daily visits to the thermal spa Mediterrana with sauna world Relaxium are included in the Check your life® packages in Bad Hall!

Life Balance Programme
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