Natural fasting at the 4* Hotel Miraverde in Bad Hall

Fasting weeks are deeply rooted in our Western culture, but there are other cultures around the world that consciously forgo food intake at certain times and occasions. Fasting alleviates many afflictions, strengthens your health and the immune system, and opens a gate to the spiritual world. Fasting days and weeks are offered all year round at the 4* health hotel Miraverde in Bad Hall. A professional team of doctors, therapists and fasting consultants is at your side throughout your personal fasting period for optimum support. Find out more about the two alternatives of the Check your life ® natural fasting offered in Bad Hall, the fasting cure in accordance with the approach pioneered by Buchinger and the alkaline fasting, now.

Natural fasting on holiday: advantages and effects

Before wondering about the details of the Check your life ® fasting cures in Bad Hall, here’s some food for thought: fasting is much easier while on holiday, because you don’t have to deal with the usual stress of everyday life. The fasting experience is much more intense as you can fully focus on fasting, your body and your well-being. The gentle exercise and relaxation programme helps you to get your body and psyche back into balance. Last but not least, professional fasting consultation helps you to reach your goals. Fasting has a positive effect on rheumatic diseases, metabolic disorders and skin problems. It regulates your blood pressure, cleans the colon and, as a nice side effect, you lose excess weight.


Fasting in accordance with the approach pioneered by Buchinger in Upper Austria

This kind of natural fasting is the most commonly used approach. Solid food is relinquished throughout the fasting days to stimulate excretion via the colon, kidneys and skin. Fasting is often accompanied by emotional cleansing. Beyond the build-up and reduction days, fasting in accordance with the approach pioneered by Buchinger is a drinking cure only.You will consume the following liquids:

  • Herbal teas
  • Mineral water
  • Freshly pressed juiced (“chewed” by the spoon in the afternoon, not as a drink)
  • Various types of vegetable broth
  • Liquid intake of around 2.5 litres per day is important!

A Check your life ® fasting cure based on the approach taken by Otto Buchinger requires open-mindedness, curiosity and stamina, and is for healthy persons aged 18 and above only. The following people mustn’t fast: cancer patients, people with acute or chronic diseases, pregnant women, underweight people and depressed people.

Fasting days in accordance with the approach pioneered by Buchinger

Your Check your life ® fasting day beings with two decompression days that you either spend at the 4* fasting hotel Miraverde in Bad Hall or at home. You reduce your energy intake while physically and mentally preparing for the upcoming fating days with light fare, such as vegetables and potatoes.

Start your fasting days at the 4* Hotel Miraverde after a medical examination. First thoroughly empty your colon using Glauber salt. Only consume liquid fare on the following fasting days. The fasting itself is supported by a light exercise and relaxation programme, liver packs, alkaline baths and a stomach massage.

After five days of fasting, your body is prepared step-by-step to consume solid food again during the build-up days. Tip: Use the time for consultation, and draw up a healthier and more vital nutrition plan after the fasting cure to retain your health for the long term.

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Alkaline fasting in Austria: 4* fasting hotel Miraverde Bad Hall

Alkaline fasting is a mild form of fasting. The goal of a Check your life ® alkaline fasting cure is to re-balance the body’s acid-base metabolism. Only consume alkaline products during the alkaline fasting days and refrain entirely from acidic food. Alkaline fasting at the 4* health hotel Miraverde in Bad Hall means having several small meals a day made from vegetarian, alkaline food served.

Basic, colorful & healthy - food according to the colors of the rainbow

Base fasting sensitizes us to distinguish between appetite and hunger. Through careful eating we learn again to appreciate food and to enjoy it with all our senses. However, this requires a self-prescribed time-out.

The fact that fruit and vegetables are healthy and that we should eat five portions a day is nothing new! There are so many nutritional concepts, but it comes up again and again - the more colourful, the better! Because colorful means above all variety and this not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of nutrients. The most important plant dyes are carotenoids, polyphenols and glucosinolates. Individually the effects of the substances are not particularly large, but in the mix the health effects add up - therefore the "rainbow principle" is an essential component of a healthy diet in the Hotel Miraverde****.

Red fruit and vegetables:                                Power for the immune system
Blue-violet fruits and vegetables:                  protective shield for the cells
Green fruit and vegetables:                             real slimming products
Oranges and yellow fruit and vegetables:     the all-round talent
White fruits and vegetables:                            the inflammation killer

The main components of alkaline nutrition are

  • alkaline-forming fruit and vegetables,
  • alkaline-forming mushrooms,
  • alkaline salads and herbs,
  • alkaline shoots and sprouts,
  • alkaline nuts and seeds.

You won’t only lose a kilogramme or two during a Check your life ® alkaline fasting week, but you’ll also notice a positive effect on your connective tissue. The acids stored between the cells begin to dissolve, counteracting cellulite and wrinkles. Skin, hair and nails also benefit from this fasting cure. One of the main aims of alkaline fasting is a long-term change to your diet. You can therefore easily do something good for your health in the long run.

How fasting cures at the 4* health hotel Miraverde work

Reduce your energy intake and prepare your body for the fasting days with two decompression days that you spend either at home or at the hotel in Bad Hall. Only consume light fare such as vegetables, fruit and rice during these decompression days.

The first of your Check your life ® fasting days starts with a medical examination. During the following days, you will only consume alkaline food. Please note that you can eat until you’re full during alkaline fasting. What matters is that you drink 2.5 to 4 litres of liquid on every fasting day.

Alkaline fating is suited for almost all people from the age of 18. Exceptions are women during pregnancy and when lactating, people with eating disorders, and patients suffering from chronic diseases. It is vital to consult your doctor prior to your planned fasting cure.

Tanja Vogelsberger

Nutritionist &
head of therapy at the EurothermenResort Bad Hall

“A fasting cure is a good option for a general change in nutrition.”


Barbara Schagerl-Müllner

Sports scientist
Yoga instructor BYO/EYU

“Physical and mental fitness are the foundation for well-being. Relaxing therapies, exercise in the glorious park and gentle gymnastics help you to reach your goals.”

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