Natural remedy iodine brine in Bad Hall

Iodine brine is a healing water with manifold application options occurring naturally in Bad Hall. It is the perfect natural remedy for preventive health measures and for treating acute and chronic afflictions. Applications with iodine brine reduce pain, regulate the heart and circulation, and give you renewed vitality and joie de vivre. Expert medical specialists, rehabilitation doctors and general practitioners will help you to apply iodine brine in a way that best meets your needs in the outpatients centre for internal medicine headed by chief physician Dr Herwig Geier. Actively do something today for many healthy years – with a Check your life® health holiday in Bad Hall!

Prevention & healing with the natural remedy iodine brine

Treatments with the naturally occurring remedy iodine brine stimulate perfusion, have an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and blood pressure-reducing effect. The positive properties of the healing water are used for treating the eyes, the supporting apparatus and the musculoskeletal system, as well as the respiratory system. Iodine brine also has a regulatory effect on heart and circulation. Iodine brine can do even more. Thanks to its blood pressure-reducing properties, it has an effect on the skin and the entire body in case of acute and chronic stress. Treatments with iodine brine, applied internally and externally, are a fountain of youth for the entire organism!

Formation and origin of the natural remedy iodine brine

The origin of the iodine brine used in Bad Hall dates back up to 32 million years! We know today that Illyrians and Celts already used the regional iodine brine springs in around 400 BC. Iodine brine valued so much throughout history that one spring in Bad Hall was verifiably bestowed upon Kremsmünster Abbey for use by Tassilo III, Duke of Bavaria, in the 8th century. This iodine brine spring – the listed Tassiloquelle – can still be seen in the park of Bad Hall. It still is among the strongest iodine brine springs in all of Central Europe. Take advantage of the tre

Prevention & healing with the natural remedy iodine brine

Check your life® health packages and iodine brine therapies

The natural remedy iodine brine is used in many different ways in Bad Hall. Internal and external applications with the particularly effective healing water actively support your health and alleviate acute and chronic afflictions. The following iodine brine treatments are available at the health centre Physikarium in Bad Hall!

The drinking cure in Bad Hall is the most effective form of iodine intake. This iodine brine cure stimulates the metabolism and regulates digestions. While the healing water might not taste all that great, one thing’s for certain: those who can drink iodine brine certainly need it!

Baths with iodine brine reduce the blood pressure, stimulate blood perfusion, have an anti-inflammatory effect and reduce stress. The iodine bath has a particularly invigorating effect.

The iodine brine for inhalations is nebulised finely and can thus penetrate even the smallest bronchial tubes. The inhalations have a local effect on the bronchial system and the paranasal sinuses while also having a general positive effect on the circulatory system.

Cool pack
This treatment wraps you up in cloths soaked in iodine brine. This pack has a cooling effect and is ideal for venous applications.

Mudpack / mud hand pack
The warm iodine brine mud warms up the body, increasing perfusion, loosening muscles, detoxing and releasing sweat. This treatment has a particularly positive effect on degenerative changes to the musculoskeletal system.

Hyperthermia pack
Cloths soaked in iodine brine result in detoxification, muscle relaxation and stimulated blood perfusion. The heightened temperature allows the warmth to penetrate deep into the muscles. The vessels are widened considerably and the connective tissue also benefits.

The perfusion-stimulating, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effect of iodine brine is utilised for a multitude of eye problems. Three kinds of therapies are available in Bad Hall:

Eye iontophoresis
“Bathe” your eyes in special small bowls in which an iodine brine solution is charged with faint galvanic electricity during this therapy. The iodine particles are thus able to penetrate the whole of your eyes.

Eye spraying
Special devices spray dense iodine brine fog against the eye, allowing the cornea and the conjunctiva to absorb the components.

Lipid eye spraying
This treatment against dry eyes – also known as Sicca syndrome – enriches the aliphatic part of the tear fluid. During lipid spraying, a finely nebulised emulsion of oil in water, which contains important components of the natural precorneal film, is applied to the frontal parts of the eye. We recommend lipid eye spraying in combination with our basic therapy, eye iontophoresis.

Arm-leg iodide iontophoresis
This treatment is administered in a two-cell or four-cell bath. Iodine intensifies the perfusion-stimulating and pain-alleviating effect of galvanic electricity.

Jodeum iodine brine steam cabin
By breathing in the active components of iodine brine, they have a positive effect throughout the entire body via the respiratory system.

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