Prices Physikarium Therapy

Therapies with Iodine BrinePrice in €
Drinking cure 3 weeks29,-
Drinking cure 2 weeks21,-
Drinking cure 1 week13,-
Iodine brine bath 26,-
Iodine carbonated bath28,-
Arm / leg iodine iontophoresis21,-
Inhalation with iodine brine17,-
Overheating Pack on the Soft Pack Bed 28,-
Cold pack large27,-
Cold pack small (legs)25,-
Iodine-Mud Pack on the Soft Pack Bed 41,-
Iodine-Mud hand pack or mud pack small28,-
Underwater gymnastics in a group 16,-
Underwater gymnastics with qualified physiotherapist (group)46,-

All prices in EURO. Valid from 01.10.2017 until 30.09.2018. Sentence mistakes reserved!

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