Therapy etiquette Bad Hall

  • Your appointment:

Please arrive punctually to your therapy session, we advise arriving 15 minutes before your set appointment.

  • Clothing:

In our therapy centre, outdoor shoes are not allowed for reasons of hygiene. We therefore request that you bring for your treatment your bathrobe and slippers with you. There are changing rooms and lockers available inside the centre. Please have a 1- or 2-euro coin ready for the lockers.

  • Special cases:

If you are attending only for eye therapy, inhalation or to visit the doctor, you do not need special clothing. Underwater gymnastics: please take a bathing suit and towel with you.
Physiotherapy, Gymnastics: here you will need sporting or loose clothing, socks and a towel.

  • Relaxation rooms:

After therapy, we recommend you make use of our relaxation rooms (especially after packs, baths or eye treatments). This supports the effects of the treatment and enhances significantly to the element of relaxation.

  • Mobile telephones:

We request that you turn off or silence your mobile telephone within the therapy centre.

  • Hygiene:

In the changing rooms, there are showers. Please turn up at all therapy sessions freshly showered.

  • Smoking and alcohol:

We are a health centre, therefore smoking and alcohol are not prohibited.

  • Cancellation

Up to 24 hours before the date we cancel at no additional cost, up to 4 hours before the date 50 % of the price will be charged, then we have to charge 100 % of the price.

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