Spa experience in the 4* Hotel Miraverde near Linz

Spend a thermal spa holiday in a class of its own at the 4* spa hotel Miraverde only about a 30-minute drive away from Linz. Surrounded by stunning nature, you can relax in the spacious spa area of the exclusive hotel in Bad Hall. Health, beauty and well-being are part of your holiday programme from the very first minute on. Lean back and enjoy the pleasant prospect of a divinely cosy holiday in Upper Austria!

Spa hotel in Bad Hall: indulgence offer for guests with high standards

Your spa holiday at the EurothermenResort Bad Hall starts from the very moment that you check into the 4* Hotel Miraverde. Take a seat with a refreshing welcome drink, find out about the spa, health and beauty offerings, and learn everything you need to know about the diverse wellness options at the exclusive spa hotel in Bad Hall. Relax to the max at the Hotel Miraverde!


Relax oasis at the 4* Hotel Miraverde

Bid farewell to stressful everyday life in the hotel’s Relax-Oase with its appealing design and modern ambiance. Feel snug and comfortable on the cuddling loungers for two covered by a protective canopy. While bathing in the 32 °C thermal water, your gaze falls on the gorgeous park landscape. Cap off your Relax-Oase visit with a rest break on an original stress-less lounger in the winter garden.


Spa sauna oasis at the spa hotel near Linz

Various relaxation and recreation options await you at the spa hotel near Linz, even though the spa sauna oasis places an emphasis on warmth treatments. This spa area also affords a sweet view of the park, which is the perfect location for a walk after a sauna session to get your circulation going. Look forward to

  • Relax infusion sauna 90 °C
  • Herbal steam bath 40 °C
  • Infrared Relaxarium
  • Hot whirlpool 35 °C
  • Roman bath “Vita Antiqua” 45 °C
  • Vitality light therapy pool 32 °C
  • Comfortable warmth loungers
Relaxing holiday in Bad Hall, Hotel Miraverde

Vital & Beauty Spa at the 4* hotel in Bad Hall

Experienced beauticians cater to the beauty of your skin and genuine wellness at the spa hotel near Linz. Choose from an abundance of effective beauty and cosmetics treatments at the 4* Hotel Miraverde. Enjoy comprehensive consultation and treat yourself to an indulging beauty programme tailored individually to you! In order to make the choice easier for you, you will find a clear overview of all treatments with detailed descriptions. Tip: Best book your beauty treatments with your hotel reservation to secure your desired dates.

Facial treatments in the Vital & Beauty Spa Bad Hall

Cleansing, nourishing, nurturing: the beauticians at the beauty hotel near Linz pay great attention to your face. Treatments in tune with your skin type and high-quality products will make your face shine again and perfect your charisma.

Facials in the Hotel Miraverde, Bad Hall

Cleansing and gentle peeling, deep cleansing, mask or pack

Natural intense care – optimal effect due to balanced combination of plant extracts and natural aromas from the world of naturopathy.

- ANTI-AGE - tightens and lets dry, mature skin appear more supple
- SENSITIVE - calms visibly sensitive and irritated skin
- CLEARING - normalises sebaceous production and facilitates clear skin

Facial treatment with lifting effect: supported by a gentle relaxing massage, highly concentrated algae components infiltrate the skin of your face, neck and décolleté. Moisture content and elasticity of the skin are visibly increased.

Care for demanding male skin: this activating massage for the head, neck and shoulder area reliably relieves stress and tensions. Vitalising care products ensure new verve and freshness.

Deep relaxation with a composition of active, pure ingredients. The unique “tension line massage” with lifting effect and the skin-smoothing “push-up feeling” are highlights. Nerve tract massage included!

We recommend this extraordinary massage as an introduction for all facial treatments. Stimulating the energy conductors activates perfusion and supports the detoxification of connective tissue.

Massages in Bad Hall for health and wellness

Choose from a wide range of massage offerings at the 4* spa and health hotel Miraverde in Bad Hall. Discover the very special body à la carte, body balance and body exotic massages, and look forward to pleasant touches, deep relaxation and fresh energy.

This energetic back treatment relieves emotional and physical tensions and initiates the regeneration of undersupplied spinal discs.

Gentle grips on the head and the sacrum stimulate the body’s self-regulating mechanism, alleviates restricted mobility and pain, and strengthens the body’s defences.

Tuina is based on the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine. It’s a mix of chiropractic, acupressure and manual massage technique elements.

Special massage for the head, scalp and neck area

Dissolving blockages and helping the mind to relax, this massage triggers stimuli on the foot that have a positive effect on the corresponding organs.

Gentle strokes, firm grips and high-grade oils balance mind and body.

Become a part of the sound! The motto is “unclench & let go”, and allow your self-healing powers be strengthened.

Matched herbal oils from nature have a circulation-enhancing effect on the tissue and let you take a journey through fragrant herb meadows in your mind.

Your individual special massage: determine the duration and the body parts of the massage together with your masseur and enjoy your personal comfort time.

Sensually fragrant scented oils create a light, free sensation, help to balance and indulge your senses.

Hot herbal pouches open your energy conductors and activate the energy flow. Healing herbs have a detoxing, balancing and tissue-tightening effect.

Hot lava stones from Hawaii and warm massage oil stimulate perfusion and relax your muscles.

The Raindrop Technique® brings together ancient knowledge about plant components and the energy-activating rituals of the Lakota Indians. Essential young living oils are first applied to the soles of the feet, then along the spine. Fan-shaped strokes and special grips massage it in and it is absorbed into the body via the back muscles. Warm compresses on which hot stones are positioned complete this massage.

Baths and peelings in the spa hotel near Linz

Baths caress the skin and indulge the senses. Treat yourself to a vitality bath and enjoy the pleasant warmth of the water. Relaxing and nurturing bath additives increase your well-being. Alternatively, let your skin glow anew with a peeling session.


Vitality baths 20 min each

  • Aroma sea salt bath
  • Herbal bath (blue lavender, green balm, red raspberry & yellow lemon)
  • Goat milk bath

Carbon dioxide fresh water bath 20 min
Activating and invigorating for body and mind

Spa dreams for two 60 min
Romantic bath in the Aqua Vita with sparkling wine and fine fruit. Relax afterwards during an essential oil massage with a fragrance of your choice.

Body splash sparkling bath 30 min
Select your favourite fragrance! We serve a vitamin cocktail for refreshment.

An oriental journey 60 min
Sensual relaxing bath for two with aromatic black tea served. Afterwards, we will spoil you with a hot herbal pouch massage.



Aroma spa sea salt peeling 20 min
Juvenescent peeling for smooth and lithe skin, stimulates blood perfusion

Aroma peelings of your choice 20 min each

  • Coconut vanilla: has a captivating fragrance and supports the peeling effect.
  • Orange: lively and inspiring like a summer morning, drives adversity away and awakens joy of life.
  • Mint: stimulates in a divinely refreshing manner, clears the head, fosters radiant skin and an alert mind.
  • Lotus: the sensual smell has a harmonising and pleasant effect. Lotus is the symbol of purity.
Peelings and treatments in Bad Hall

Packs and compresses at the spa hotel in Upper Austria

Luxurious and particularly effective indulgence regimen for skin, organs and blood vessels: The compounds included in the packs and compresses gently permeate the body, taking their detoxing, regenerating, tightening and consolidating effect.


The best of nature - compresses

  • Power of herbs 45 min
    Moisture and care compresses for divinely soft skin sensation
  • Aroma time 45 min
    Special essential oils tighten, consolidate and purify the skin. They have a regenerating, fat-depleting and cell-renewing effect.
  • Rose smell 45 min
    Moisturising, balancing, mood-lifting and oil-replenishing. The rich cream blend improves microcirculation and combats cell ageing.


Body styling compresses

  • Freshness kick 30 min
    Cold compresses to combat cellulite and alleviate heavy legs and vein problems.
  • Body wrapping 40 min
    Foil compresses – 35 essential oils speed up the lipid metabolism. Cellulite is reduced and the connective tissue strengthened, compacted and tightened.
  • Bandage body styling 45 min
    Precise and targeted treatment for problem areas. Stimulates cell renewal, reduces cellulite. Has a lipid-reducing, detoxing and tissue-tightening effect.
Packs and wraps - body styling in Bad Hall

Care for hands and feet in the spa in Bad Hall

Well-tended hands and feet are your most beautiful calling card! Manicure and pedicure, massages, foot baths and packs ensure your dapper appearance right down to the tips of your fingers and toes.

Manicure without varnish 30 min
Nail filing (cutting)
Nurturing bath
Nail oil
Hand massage

Ayurasan hand massage 20 min
Relaxing massage for diligent hands: to relax and enjoy with soft music.

Pedicure without varnish 50 min
Nurturing honey foot bath
Callus removal
Removal of clavus and/or ingrown nails
Foot massage

Ayurasan foot massage 20 min
Skin and senses are revitalised by fragrant Ayurasan oil to help you to be “light on your feet”!

Varnishing of toenails and/or fingernails

Hand and/or foot pack with paraffin

Honey foot bath and removal of a clavus

Manicure and Pedicure in Bad Hall, Hotel Miraverde

Hair removal with wax for her & him

Annoying hair is removed quickly and for the long term. Look forward to many “hairless” and dapper days! Hair removal with wax is suited for all body regions.

  • Eyebrows
  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Legs to the knee
  • Legs complete
  • Bikini/groin area
  • Armpits
  • Full back (for men)
  • Shoulders only (for men)
  • Chest hair (for men)

Detoxing treatments in the thermal spa hotel Miraverde

Relax and detoxify your body during your spa holiday in Bad Hall with detoxing treatments. Detoxing or purifying for inner cleansing and outer beauty creates holistic wellness – receive advice from our experienced therapists!

1 detoxing massage 30 min
1 lymphatic drainage 30 min
1 alkaline fruit cocktail at the hotel bar

Detoxifying care treatment with alpine flowers
Treatment with a body brush

Supports the detoxifying function of the skin, our largest sensory and storage organ. Activates the vital expulsions of acid and waste products.

Encourages the lymphatic flow, decreases congestions and swellings, and stimulates the removal of waste products. An oil made of alpine edelweiss essences is stroked along the meridians, massaged in and dissolves embedded waste product compounds.

Gentle grip techniques stimulate the lymphatic flow, thereby removing tissue congestions.

Honey is used to extract embedded waste products from the tissue while activating the metabolism and the lymphatic flow.

Beauty extras during a spa holiday in Bad Hall

Enjoy a fit and fresh start to your day: Increase your attractiveness and charisma, and emphasis the best features of your face with the all-round beauty programme at the Vital & Beauty Spa of the spa hotel Miraverde.

  • Face peeling
  • Face pack
  • Face massage with compound cream and serum
  • Eyelash dyeing
  • Brow dyeing
  • Brow shaping
  • Day make-up

Are you impressed by the large selection of beauty and spa treatments at the 4* Hotel Miraverde in the EurothermenResort Bad Hall? Take a look at the current price list now and make your beauty and relax appointments today!


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