Thermal spa Bad Hall: massages and wellness treatments

Spoil yourself with relaxing massages, diverse wellness treatments and effective health massages at the Physikarium of the thermal spa Bad Hall. Experienced masseurs and therapists will help you to reach your personal goals. Prevention, alleviation and healing are just as important as deep relaxation for body and psyche. Pleasant touches, targeted massage grips, high-quality ingredients in packs and baths, and the calming atmosphere in the treatment rooms of the Physikarium form an overall package with great benefits for your health. For more vitality and joy of life: find out everything there is to know about the massages and spa treatments in Bad Hall!

Thermal spa Bad Hall: massages and treatments

Indulgence massages in the Physikarium Bad Hall

Indulgence massages in Bad Hall have a regenerative, activating, harmonising, stretching and loosening effect. Receive advice from our expert masseurs for picking your spa massages and enjoy pleasant treatments!

Massage with honey, 30 min
Special techniques with the aid of honey extract waste products, poisons and harmful salts from the body’s tissue while also removing dead skin cells. The massage activates the metabolism and lymphatic flow. Reflex zones on the back stimulate the corresponding organs.

Relaxation massage with scented oil, 30 min
The massage with has a calming effect, and alleviates chronic pain and tensions. The massage has a pleasant effect on your skin and the tissue below.

Tuina massage, 30 min / 50 min
Tuina is a manual therapy from traditional Chinese medicine. It is an effective combination of chiropractic and acupressure elements and various massage techniques.

Touch for health, 50 min
“Touch for health” (TfH) is a method from the world of massage that balances out disturbed muscle energy cycles. Muscle weaknesses and energy blockages are discovered with the use of manual muscle tests and rectified with easy techniques.

Dorn Breuss therapy, 50 min
Gentle pressure relaxes the ligament apparatus between dorsal and transverse processes of the spine in a way that helps shifted/blocked vertebrae to slide back into their original position. This stretching and gentle massage is applied directly to the spine.

Singing bowl massage, 30 min / 50 min
Singing bowl massages courtesy of Peter Hess are an effective method of relaxation that puts paid to worries, insecurities and blockages resulting from everyday stress. This letting go lays firm foundations for re-vitalisation and strengthening self-healing powers.

Singing bowl in Bad Hall

Spa and wellness treatments in Bad Hall

Wellness treatments at the Physikarium of the thermal spa Bad Hall have a pleasant effect on body and mind in many different ways. Relaxation and recreation are at the forefront with these spa treatments. Our therapists will be happy to advise you on your choice!

Evening primrose oil cream pack in the soft pack lounger
Counteracts the ageing process of the skin, activates cells, vitalises and is highly oil-replenishing. Can be helpful for skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Cleopatra pack in the soft pack lounger
The relaxing skin beauty cure has a skin-calming, oil-replenishing, moisturising and revitalising effect with the coenzyme Q10.

Mudpack in the soft pack lounger
This tried and tested and very effective warmth therapy activates the metabolism, stimulates blood perfusion, loosens the muscles and uncramps.

Ivy vitality pack
Ivy is used for mature skin and for treating cellulite due to its tissue-consolidating effect. The connective tissue is strengthened and problem zones are smoothed and tightened.

Herbal bath, goat milk bath, orange lemongrass bath with invigorating effect, orange rose bath with mood-lifting effect, lavender orange bath with harmonising effect.

Treatments in the Physikarium in Bad Hall

Health massages at the Physikarium in Bad Hall

Stress, muscle tensions, headaches and sleep disorders: all of these everyday afflictions can be alleviated effectively with health massages in Bad Hall. Our expert masseurs will be happy to help you pick the massage that is best suited to your needs!

Classic massage (healing massage) 15 min / 30 min / 50 min
Increases perfusion, regulates the influx and efflux of interstitial fluids, loosens the muscles and alleviates pain.

Lymphatic drainage 30 min / 50 min
Stimulates the lymphatic flow, decongests and facilitates the evacuation of waste products in the tissue. Recommended after surgery, for scar care, migraine, chronic cold, whiplash and broken bones.

Reflexology 30 min
Stimuli affecting the respective organs are triggered on the foot, at the end of nerve tracts.

Connective tissue massage 20 min
Deep, intense grips, applied without oil, have a strong effect by solving and loosening connective tissue and muscles.

Acupuncture massage 30 min
Balances out energy imbalances and harmonises.

Marnitz therapy (deep friction) 30 min
Complex type of therapy for various ailments of the musculoskeletal system. Special grip techniques are combined with elements of manual therapy and aspects of kinesitherapy.

Massages and wellness treatments in Bad Hall improve health, well-being and joie de vivre: Book your preferred dates at the Physikarium of the EurothermenResort Bad Hall now!

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