Lots of variety at your thermal bath in Bad Hall

Lots of attractions in Mediterranean ambiance await you on a spa holiday in Bad Hall. Spoil yourself with the exciting highlights! Not only adults get their money’s worth at Mediterrana thermal spa; children can discover the pools in Bad Hall for themselves as well.

Thermal spa in Bad Hall

Numerous pools in Bad Hall

The following attractions await you at the thermal bath in Bad Hall:

Indoor Swimming Pool
Our indoor pool shimmers in new glory and with that marvellous Mediterranean flair.In the 32 °C warm water you can enjoy complete bathing pleasure. A sparkling water attraction is awaiting you in the sumptuous massage temple where you can lie on massage recliners and be massaged by water jets.

Vitality Tub
Tingly, recuperative and ideal to banish any tensions. Countless massage jets entice you to linger. You can swim outside through a channel and enjoy yet more enlivening water and bubble jet recliners.

Panorama Outdoor Swimming Pool
Treat yourself to a relaxing, vitalising bathing experience any time of the year with a fantastic view onto the Alps. Swim a few lengths and tap into pure life energy. Under the swan’s neck waterfall you can let the tumbling water release any built-up tension.

Panorama Whirlpool Tubs
In the tingling swirl of the whirlpool tubs you can lie back and enjoy the panorama whilst stocking up on new vitality.

Roman Steam Room
Relax in the footsteps of the Romans at a temperature of 40 °C and enjoy this mild form of sweating. We recommend 20 minutes in the steam room.

Mediterranean Iodine Steam Treatments
Our steam rooms with iodine steam have a particularly beneficial effect on the body and soul. The temperatures reach 40 - 45 °C. We recommend 20 minutes in the steam room, finishing off with a vitalising cold shower.

Relaxation Oasis
Treat your body to a peaceful interlude. For your relaxation needs, our tastefully decorated relaxation oasis, bathed in natural light, is awaiting you.

A very own Thermal Spa World for children! Here, the little ones can at last splash around and have fun to their heart’s desire! There’s a whole world to be discovered and in summer, there’s access to an outdoor area for even more fun and games.

The Mediterrana team will be happy to advise you on further questions about your spa holiday in Bad Hall.

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