Spa holiday in Bad Hall at Relaxium sauna world

Cleanse body and mind with spa treatments in Bad Hall at Relaxium sauna world. Expect many “hot attractions” at the re-designed sauna yard. Admittance from age 16 only.

Saunas and pools at the sauna in Bad Hall

Stadlsauna 85 - 90 °C
Recharge your batteries in rustic ambiance with lovely smelling infusions.

Finnsauna 90 - 95 °C
90 -95 °C strengthens the body’s defences, blood circulation and helps with skin care. Infusion takes place on the hour.

Bio coloured light sauna  55 – 65 °C
Relax at the bio sauna and an average humidity of 20 %. Cardiovascular strain is low due to the lack of infusions. Has a circulation-regulative and detoxifying effect.

Aroma infusion saunas 70 - 90 °C
The classic at Aroma infusions entail a vitalising fragrance experience.

Herbal sauna 85 - 90 °C
Relax and enjoy the herbal smell.

Infrared cabin
The soft infrared head strengthens the immune system and helps to ease tensions. A 20-minute stay is recommended.

Brine steam bath 40 - 45 °C
40 - 45 °C at 95 % humidity. Has a cleansing, curing effect, helps respiratory system and skin.

Rauris natural stone grotto 32 °C
Perfectly relax in between sauna sessions in the 32 °C warm water.

Relax cold pool
The cold pool gets the circulation going.

Kneipp foot pool
The warmth-cold mixture gets the circulation moving.


Aside from numerous treatments, relaxation in all forms is part of the programme of your sauna in Bad Hall. Find peace on the reclining areas, enjoy the effect of the Relaxium sauna world warmth and lose yourself in reverie. As a Relaxium guest, the Mediterrana thermal spa is open to you as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Relaxium team directly in case of any further questions about your spa holiday in Bad Hall.

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