Healthy all around: health centre in Bad Ischl

Cure and therapy in the Salzkammergut have top priority at Physikarium, the in-house health centre at EurothermenResort Bad Ischl. The knowledge of the pleasant effect of salt, brine and sulphur is combined with the findings of modern medicine at the health centre in Bad Ischl. Thus a cure in Salzkammergut benefits your health, it helps to prevent, alleviate and heal respiratory diseases, has a positive effect on the whole musculoskeletal system, strengthens your back and reduces burn-out syndromes. Health massages and spa treatments round of the offerings of your cure in the Salzkammergut.

Therapy and spa in Austria - Salzkammergut thermal spa in Bad Ischl

Tailored to your needs: therapies in the Salzkammergut

Your relaxation, health and vitality take centre stage on a cure in the Salzkammergut. Feel the healing powers of nature in different ways during your therapies in the Salzkammergut:

The specialist team at the health centre in Bad Ischl is happy to advise you on questions about your health – inform yourself today and send your non-binding inquiry!

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