Brine therapy in Bad Ischl

Brine therapies have a long tradition at EurothermenResort Bad Ischl. No wonder, as brine is a naturally occurring cure in this region. Archduke Ferdinand, the brother of Emperor Franz I, was cured from his rheumatism thanks to a brine therapy in Bad Ischl.

Brine therapy in Bad Ischl

Brine therapies and salt treatments

  • Have an anti-inflammatory, circulation-enhancing and relaxing effect.
  • Stimulate cell renewal, metabolism and organ function
  • Improve the body’s defences, desensitise with allergies and stabilise the nervous system and psyche
  • Positively influence the autonomic nervous system and holistic regeneration – scientifically proven.

Brine therapies are used in the form of brine hydrotherapy, brine mudpacks, brine inhalations and, in combination with tub baths, underwater massages and other underwater therapies.

Sulphur therapy in the Salzkammergut

With a sulphur content of approx. 66 mg/l, the Bad Ischl sulphur spring is the second-strongest in Austria. A sulphur therapy is mostly used as a brine sulphur tub relaxation bath and alleviates ailments of the musculoskeletal system. It furthermore aids recovery from skin diseases and high blood pressure.

See the positive effect of salt treatments, brine therapies and sulphur therapies in Bad Ischl for yourself – send your reservation inquiry now!

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