Therapy etiquette Bad Ischl

  • Introduction:
    We want you to enjoy your time with us and hope that the following information helps you do this.
  • Arrival:
    Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment. Do not each too much, but do eat something beforehand.
  • Cancellation:
    If you would like to cancel a treatment, please inform us as soon as possible.If you cancel at short notice and we are unable to pass on the appointment to someone else, we will unfortunately have to impose a cancellation charge. If you cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before your appointment, we will accept the cancellation without further charge; if you cancel up to 4 hours before your appointment, 50% of the price will be charged; thereafter, and in the event that you fail to appear for your appointment, 100% of price will be charged. The same applies to appointments that are postponed at short notice.
  • Clothing:
    The Physikarium may not be entered with walking shoes for hygienic reasons. Please bring a bathrobe and bathing shoes with you for all treatments and change in the changing room. You can obtain the keys to the changing room at the health reception desk.
  • Special cases:
    For underwater gymnastics (individually or in groups), you will need additional swimwear. For physiotherapy, medical training therapy and relaxation exercises, please wear light, loose cotton clothing. No clothing is generally worn for all other massage and bathing therapies. During a massage, your body will be covered apart from the part being massaged.
  • Alcohol and smoking:
    Smoking and alcohol are not allowed at the Physikarium for medical reasons.
  • Mobile phones:
    For the benefit of all guests, we kindly ask you to switch your mobile phones to silent mode in the therapy area. Mobile phones must be completely switched off in the electrotherapy area as they could affect the electrical equipment there.