Wellness in the Salzkammergut – pure relaxation

Enjoy a spa and health holiday all about salt & brine in the Salzkammergut, where the imperial Viennese court used to spend their summers. These natural remedies in Bad Ischl not only help to alleviate and heal afflictions, but are also successfully used for prevention and for spa treatments. The result: more health, beauty and wellness.

Spa massages in the thermal spa Bad Ischl

All treatments are carried out by trained masseurs using high-quality products. Take a look at the selection of massages in Bad Ischl now and select the treatments for your spa holiday.

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Beauty for women & men in Bad Ischl

The competent beauticians at the thermal spa Bad Ischl will help you acquire a virtually radiant appearance! Facial and body treatments are tailored to your individual wishes and needs. The high-quality cosmetics products by Maria Galland and Natural Spa ensure a refreshing complexion and positive radiancy. Best book your beauty appointments with your hotel reservation.

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Spa in the Salzkammergut for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a very special time for the body and the psyche. Both enjoy tender caresses, pleasant touches and gentle spa treatments. If your pregnancy is without any difficulties, you can enjoy numerous beauty and spa treatments at our thermal spa Bad Ischl. Our beauticians and therapists know exactly what’s particularly pleasant for you during these exciting nine months.

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