Honey massage Bad Ischl

Cleansing and pain-relieving

A honey massage is a reflex and energetic massage. It smoothes out any energy flow disorders and sooths all types of pain. At the same time it stimulates the purification of the connective tissue.

Special organ reflexogenous zones and vital points (marmas) are distributed across the entire back, and in Mongolia and Asia a specially-prepared honey is used for this massage.
The honey is gradually worked into the connecting tissue using a special tapping technique, which in turn allows the reflexogenous zones to communicate better with the organs via nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels. The honey stimulates the metabolism, promotes the circulation and cleanses the body.

Duration 25 min

Honey massage in the Thermal Spa in the Salzkammergut


  • The massage begins with a short preliminary discussion, after which the guest is positioned comfortably.
  • Gentle rocking and pressing creates an atmosphere of familiarity between the guest and the therapist.
  • The back zones are prepared using connective tissue stimulation.
  • Heated honey is applied next to the spine, and using a combination of tapping and pumping massage techniques is worked into the connective tissue.
  • Once the honey has been washed off with warm water, scented oil is applied to large areas of the back in preparation for the subsequent massage.
  • Once the massage is over, the guest is encouraged to lie down and drink fluids in order to intensify the effect of the massage.


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