La Stone Therapy

La Stone therapy involves the combination of alternating temperatures, body treatment and energy work. This marvellous technique involves placing stones with different temperatures on the body's energy centres (chakras). The precise, energetic effect of the stones results in the body becoming relaxed in just a few minutes. The body is then massaged using warm and cool stones. The influence of the changing temperatures helps release blockages, increase wellbeing and generate new energy. Self-healing powers are activated and the balance between body and soul restored.

Duration 50 min

La Stone therapy in the Salzkammergut-Thermal Spa


  • The therapist discusses the guest's requirements to determine which heated/cold stones to use.
  • The opening of the energy spiral and the placing of the stones leads to immediate relaxation.
  • Warm oil and gentle music are both used during the subsequent entire-body massage using basalt and marble stones.

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