Lomi Lomi Nui Bad Ischl

Hawaiian temple massage

Lomi Lomi Nui is the Hawaiian term for massage and means "press, knead, rub" as well as working on the "inside and outside". It represents a way of reconnecting man with the wisdom of his body and attaining a new physical awareness.

This treatment is a feast for the senses, and involves inward focusing on long-held desires, listening to melodious sounds, feeling tropical warmth and constant massaging of certain parts of the body - all of which leads to unique pleasure and complete detachment. Internal tensions are released and blockages removed, with the patient's psyche also treated at the same time in a natural and gentle manner.

Duration 80 min

Temple massage from Hawai in the thermal spa in Bad Ischl


  • During a welcome chat, the guest's requirements with regard to the massage are determined.
  • The therapist begins by 'flying' - an active and meditative energy exercise.
  • Hawaiian music is played and warm oil applied to the entire body
  • The massage strokes are pleasantly wide – the stretching, pulling and gentle rocking all serve to harmonize the body, spirit and soul.

Deep relaxation, the flow of energy and the feeling of warmth and security all make this massage a special experience.


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