Relaxed and unstressed throughout your pregnancy

You should only treat yourself during this extraordinarily beautiful time! We are happy to help you to put together a very personal spa programme. Gentle massages, beauty treatments and baths are part of our indulgence offer for mothers-to-be.

Nine months of looking great, staying in shape and feeling good, enjoying the time before birth and recharging your batteries!

Relax during your pregnancy in Bad Ischl ©

Massages during your pregnancy

Generally speaking, you should abstain from a range of massages in the first three months of your pregnancy. After that, the following massages – with corresponding precautionary measures by the therapists – are possible as long as it isn’t a complicated pregnancy:

Beauty-Treatments during your pregnancy

Mothers-to-be can take advantage of almost all of our beauty treatments. Whether facial or beauty treatments (everything except for body peeling), Sisi/Salzprinz manicures or pedicures – let your natural beauty shine through!

Wellnessmassage für Schwangere - freier Kopf durch Massage

Water treatments and other therapies

Swimming baths

Swimming and exercise in water are particularly pleasant during pregnancy due to the buoyant forces. Our brine healing water (like water from the Adriatic Sea) is also suitable for pregnant women and new-borns, but the specific state of heath and course of the pregnancy still have to be taken into account as high-risk pregnancies of various degrees and kinds are always possible. Please get in touch with your gynaecologist first. As a general rule, we advise against water that is too hot (over 38 °C), whirlpools and massage jets.

The following individual treatments are recommended for pleasant relaxation provided that the course of the pregnancy is normal:

  • Baths (brine oxygen or bubbling air – with individual bath essences)
  • Individual remedial gymnastics, personal training, problem area exercise (against tension pains, for correct posture and optimum breathing…)
  • Inhalations
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