Therapies with salt & brine at the Bad Ischl health resort

Back in the day, even the imperial Austrian family relied on therapies with salt & brine. Regular visits to Bad Ischl’s spas by the Viennese court made the health resort in the Salzkammergut known all across Europe. To this day, the brine therapies and combined therapies are held in high regard as preventative, alleviating and healing methods. Salt, brine, sulphur and brine mud have a pleasant and healing effect on the respiratory system, the musculoskeletal system, in case of burnout syndrome, and functional or chronic inflammable disorders. Read more about the advantages of brine therapy in Bad Ischl now!

Brine and brine baths for outpatient rehabilitation

Brine consists of salt and other minerals dissolved in water. The brine in Bad Ischl is a naturally occurring, local remedy with a salinity of 25 to 30 g per litre of water. This brine is the foundation of many therapies and massages at the thermal spa in Bad Ischl, either as undiluted brine or in effective combinations. Depending on the therapeutic goal, salt is used in concentrations ranging from 0.9 to 12%. For the sake of comparison, the salinity of the water in the swimming area of the thermal spa Bad Ischl is 3%, which is equivalent to the salinity of the Adriatic Sea.

Effects of brine baths on the body

Brine baths are an important part of brine therapies in the Salzkammergut. Most people find taking a dip in the warm water particularly pleasant, the buoyancy creating a mild floating sensation. The healing impact of brine and the spa effect caused by deep relaxation fosters holistic wellness. The positive effects on our health are manifold, because brine baths help to alleviate pain, have an anti-inflammatory effect, enhance perfusion and help to relax.

A bath with brine

  • stimulates cell renewal, metabolism and organ functions,
  • boosts the body’s defences,
  • desensitises in case of allergies,
  • has a strongly stabilising effect on the autonomic nervous system,
  • promotes holistic regeneration.

Brine therapy at the health centre in Bad Ischl

Beside its natural salinity, brine stands out with its strong, diverse effectivity and optimum tolerability. Strengthen your health in the health centre Physikarium in Bad Ischl with various brine therapies:

Brine baths and brine treatments to treat acute and chronic affections, for prevention, rehabilitation and stabilisation of your body functions.

Applied individually in amount and temperature on various body regions, the brine mud helps with back and vein problems while you float weightlessly on the soft pack lounger.

Controlled inhalation of brine has a healing effect on the respiratory system and helps with bronchitis, asthmatic affections and allergies.

Inhale an amount of oxygen determined individually for you via a nose cannula in the brine carbon dioxide tub bath. While you relax, this special combination of several remedies, which fortify one another, relaxes all functional systems of your organism.

Brine and sulphur: outpatient rehabilitation treatments

Bad Ischl has the second-strongest sulphur spring in Austria after Bad Altenburg. It has approx. 66 mg per litre of bivalent, titratable sulphur. Sulphur is mainly used in the brine sulphur tub rest bath at the health centre in Bad Ischl. It treats all affections of the musculoskeletal system. Furthermore, sulphur reduces blood pressure considerably while having a beneficial impact on certain skin diseases.'

All information on brine therapy in Bad Ischl

During your health stay in Bad Ischl, you won’t only benefit from the therapies with salt, brine and sulphur, but also from the stunningly beautiful surroundings of the health resort in the Salzkammergut! Find out more now about the therapy times, schedules, and the services of your health or social insurance provider, or get in touch with the office in Bad Ischl!

Brine pools for your health in Bad Ischl
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