Simply a pleasure: health massages in Bad Ischl

There are a thousand good reasons for an expert health massage in Bad Ischl. No matter why you decide for a massage – you certainly won’t regret it. Aside from classic full-body massage, numerous special massages are offered at Physikarium, the health centre in the Salzkammergut. Get from the 4*S Hotel Royal to the connected therapy centre without delay.

Soft pressure on skin and muscles gets your energy flowing again. Select a massage tailored to your needs and spoil yourself. What about, for example, a Tuina massage? This manual therapy according to traditional Chinese medicine balances energetic differences and removes blockages. The aim of the Tuina massage is the balance of yin and yang. A full-body massage at Bad Ischl thermal spa does true wonders too!

Health massages at a glance:

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) hands-on therapies. Main principles: strengthen energy flows, smooth out energy deficits, remove blockages, deflect damaging energy, and harmonize the body in terms of its reactions and functions. Optimize the functioning of organs. The aim of Tuina massage is to create a balance of yin und yang.

Its aim is to loosen any tenseness and improve the oxygen supply to certain organs. The skin is slowly stroked over a wide area using one or two fingertips (pull and pressure).

Based on traditional acupuncture methods. A small massage needle is gently drawn along the meridian. In the area that is treated, the blood circulation is promoted and the flow of life energy (Qi) increased.

The scalp, neck and shoulders are treated, depending on the patient's symptoms.

During lymph drainage, blockages in the lymphatic system are drained using circular massage strokes. The fluids in the connective tissue flow out, and the venous return flow is aided.

Used for tinnitus, sinus problems, migraine.

Ortho-bionomy is a new way of working with the body that promotes the body's own tension-releasing abilities. The idea behind it is that it is better to work with the body than against it. Ortho-bionomy can help with tension, postural impairment, signs of wear on the spine, discs and joint problems, as well as with psycho-vegetative overload conditions. Afterwards the body is restored to its original balance.

The therapy is based on two different, highly complementary, manual treatments for the musculoskeletal system (see below). Goal: improvement of the postural and functional issues as well as joint and spine problems (“back service”). Very effective, also in acute cases.

This is a pleasant, relaxing ease and stretch for the superficial autochthonous back extensors muscles. The emphasis is on gentle stretching and elongation of the spine in order to relieve the spinal discs. This massage can be an introduction to the Dorn Therapy or simply enjoyed it as a single treatment – highly relaxing effect!

Targeted massage techniques on the soles of the foot’s reflex zones lead to relaxation and loosening of the body. Activating or calming movements have a positive effect on the internal organs and the joint structures and stimulate the healing processes. Goal: blockages are eased, pains are relieved stress relief in the body is established, th general well-being is increased and harmonisation will be achieved.

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