Salzkammergut thermal spa

Enjoy a fully relaxing trip to the Salzkammergut thermal spa at Austria’s imperial health resort Bad Ischl and benefit from the healing effect of salt. Enjoy the “white gold” in many ways at the exclusive thermal spa in the Salzkammergut. Be inspired for your next pampering day in the thermal spa Bad Ischl!

  • Relax in the Salzkammergut thermal spa in the 34 °C brine pool with bubble loungers and underwater massage jets, and in the brine whirlpool at a pleasantly 36 °C. Enjoy the pleasant skin sensation you get from bathing.
  • Float in slow-moving, 34 °C water in the outdoor Lazy River in the dapper, cosy outdoor area and pause at several stops.

    Enjoy the calming, mystic atmosphere in the brine grotto while the salt has its positive effect. A pleasant 34 °C wrap you in pleasant warmth.

    Find bubble loungers and foot massage jets, which create a pleasantly prickling sensation, in graduation house, also warmed up to 34 °C. Relax on a bubble lounger and breathe in the finely nebulised, healing brine.

    Bubble loungers and underwater massage jets provide lots of wellness: in a bay of the Lazy River and in the large brine pool of the Salzkammergut thermal spa.
  • Many additional spa experiences await you at the sauna world Relaxium and in the beauty area of the Salzkammergut thermal spa in Austria’s traditional health resort with imperial flair.

Bathing in the Salzkammergut thermal spa in Austria

Spa and relaxation with “salt and brine” take centre stage at the thermal spa with its gorgeous location and view of the surrounding mountains. The indoor brine pool and the exclusive brine whirlpool will help you to get as far away from everyday life as possible and to recharge your batteries. Improve both your wellness and your health thanks to the power of salt!

Bathing in Bad Ischl

Outdoor Lazy River and thermal spa outdoor area

You can just float on in the thermal spa Bad Ischl! Glide through the world of the salt thermal spa in Austria on the Lazy River, the river in the thermal spa outdoor area, and feel comfortable all around. Take a relaxing break in-between in the brine grotto on the bubble loungers and in the graduation house. The stunning garden facilities offer sufficient space to stock up on sun and to enjoy nature on warm summer’s days.

Relaxation in the Lazy-River, thermal spa Bad Ischl

Brine grotto in the Salzkammergut thermal spa

Lighted onyx stones flood the grotto with magical light. Enjoy the mystic atmosphere and the power of brine while relaxing on a massage lounger and fully dedicate yourself to your thoughts. Trips to the brine grotto give you a warm and cosy feeling. Get new energy in this special place before swimming on!

Brine grotto in the Salzkammergut thermal spa

Salt thermal spa in Austria with graduation house

Brine is nebulised across a hawthorn hedge in the graduation house. This process charges the air with healing ingredients, getting deep within your lungs with every breath. A trip to the graduation house can help in case of problems with the respiratory system. Additionally, the brine promotes deep relaxation while you rest on a bubble lounger and feel the prickling of the foot massage jets.

Salt thermal spa in Austria

Deep relaxation in the Salzkammergut thermal spa

Enjoy the salt attractions of the thermal spa in Bad Ischl and discover lounging and relaxation areas, bubble loungers, and comfort and lounging areas where you can rest like an emperor in both the indoor and the outdoor area!

Salt and brine are the essence of your fountain of youth, the Salzkammergut thermal spa Bad Ischl. Take a look at the attractive offers for your comfort stay in Upper Austria now!

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