Sauna world Relaxium in Bad Ischl

Hardly any other spa programme has been as popular for decades as the sauna! It’s no longer a secret that sauna sessions improve health, strengthen the body’s defences and help you to look fresh. If we take the Finns’ word for it, the inventors of the sauna, it is the most beautiful place in the world! Choose among eight saunas at the thermal spa Bad Ischl and relax in the spacious relaxation area, the hot whirlpool or the brine pool afterwards. Find out about the current opening hours and prices here!

Thermal spa Bad Ischl: sauna & spa

You’ll find it very easy to leave everyday life behind in the pleasant ambiance of the Relaxium sauna world with a view of the surrounding mountains. Peace and relaxation calm both the heart and the pulse, and your breathing becomes deep and even. The following warmth treatments and refreshment options are available to you in the sauna world in Bad Ischl:

Emperor’s sauna

90 °C

Cottage sauna

80 to 90 °C

Mine sauna

temperature rises from 50 to 80 °C

Adit sauna

60 °C and 40% humidity

Stone bath

50 °C and 50% humidity

Steam bath

50 °C and 100% humidity

Brine inhalation grotto

changing coloured light and brine fog

Infrared cabins

40 °C – helps with tensions and pain

Outdoor mine sauna

large sauna garden

Large brine pool

approx. 33 °C warm and 3% salinity

Cold pool

12 °C



Warm water foot bath


If you’re looking for some variety to the peace in the sauna area, we recommend oriental treatments in the spa oasis Alhambra. Here you’re treated to mysterious smells, massages and anointments, herbal vapours and gentle sounds.

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