Erlebnisberg Luisenhöhe Haag at the Hausruck

The Erlebnisberg Luisenhöhe is a worthwhile destination for families and also for other spa holiday guests in Bad Schallerbach. Explore nature on the path of the senses, test your bravery and skill on the goruck forest treetop path in Haag in the Hausruck or enjoy the amazing view from the top of the panoramic lookout tower.

Children fun in the woods

Children and adults can discover the forest and its inhabitants during the 26 stages of the 3.5 km nature experience path. Balance discs, a barefoot course, ear trumpet, buzzing stone and much more playfully convey what life in the forest is all about. Starting and finishing at the valley station of the summer toboggan run, the path leads to the forest tavern and the panoramic lookout tower, and is accessible for prams.

Luisenhoehe course Bad Schallerbach

Children from the age of eight (must be at least 125 cm tall), teenagers and athletic adults can experience the forest on the Luisenhöhe with its total of five courses. Equipped with a full harness and a helmet, newbies conquer the “green course” with instructions from a trainer before exploring the entire forest high-rope park on their own. Safety is the number one priority. The traversing safety system with a 12 mm steel cable makes accidental unhinging absolutely impossible.

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