Enjoy yourself with style: whisky lounge in Bad Schallerbach

Tobacco coloured leather sofas, classy panelling and tables made from dark brown wood, soft lighted chandeliers and indirect light sources: savour the smell of authentic leather in the Paradiso lounge and catch a glimpse of the spacious garden in authentic club atmosphere.

Here we showcase our new Scottish whisky collection to our guests. You can find about 100 unique bottles - literally, there is only one bottle of each, once it is drunk up, it is history - in our newly-created whisky bar.

When we arranged the estate of the 1st Austrian Scotch whisky museum, we found it significant to be able to offer the most possible variety of aromas and flavours. There is certainly something for everybody, intrigued beginner or whisky connoisseur.

Whisky lounge in Bad Schallerbach
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