Therapy etiquette Bad Schallerbach

  • Booking treatments:

Please book your treatments as early as possible so that we can offer you the treatment and time of your choice.

  • Therapists:

We have male and female therapists in our team.
Please let us know if you have any preference when making your booking and notify us if you wish absolutely to have a certain therapist for your treatment.
We make every effort to commence all treatments on time and should you arrive late for your treatment and your therapist or the room have been booked again following your appointment, regrettably we will have to shorten your treatment accordingly.

  • Check in:

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment and allow time for the account settlement of your treatment, changing clothes and for reaching the treatment rooms from the reception.

We make every effort to commence all treatments on time and should you arrive late for your treatment and your therapist or the room have been booked again following your appointment, regrettably we will have to shorten your treatment accordingly.

  • Cancellations:

If you have to cancel a treatment, please inform us as early as possible.
For cancellations at short notice, should we be unable to reassign the appointment, we will be forced to charge a cancellation fee. Up to 24 hours before your appointment we will accept the cancellation without any further costs, up to 4 hours before your appointment 50% of the price will be charged, thereafter and in the event that you do not appear for your appointment, we will have to charge 100% of the costs. The same applies to appointments that are postponed at short notice.

  • Communication:

Your treatment, your time and your body belong to you and we want you to truly enjoy your experience with us. Please tell your therapist what you would like, whether more or less pressure, whether the temperature suits you, whether you would like different music….

  • Tips:

Tips are not included in our prices. If you were satisfied with your treatment, you may tip your therapist directly or leave it in an envelope with the Physikarium reception for the respective therapist

  • Special medical conditions:

Please inform us of any special medical conditions as some treatments are not recommended for certain illnesses. In particular, please inform your therapist before the treatment begins

  • Pregnancy:

Congratulations! For this wonderful time special rules apply and we will gladly advise you personally with regards to suitable treatments that you can also enjoy during your pregnancy.

  • Special cases:

For the group underwater exercise and the physio floating massage you will additionally need a bathing costume. For physiotherapy, the exercise room and relaxation exercises please wear light, loose cotton clothing (sportswear). For the Shiatsu and Nuad massages you will also need light, loose cotton clothing.All other massages and bathing therapies are normally carried out unclothed, during the massages your body will be covered and only the body part that is being massaged at the time will be exposed. The genital area is always covered, disposable paper tangas are used part of the time (always for the Abhyanga and during body peelings upon request). The breasts are also covered throughout nearly all massages, exceptions to this are Abhyanga, Lomilomi and Hammam massages (due to the large quantity of oil or the desired cleansing effect).

  • Clothing:

For hygiene reasons outdoor shoes cannot be worn in the Physikarium. Please bring a bathrobe and slippers with you to every treatment and change in the cloakroom in the entrance area. You will need a one euro coin for the cloakroom lockers.

  • Personal hygiene:

Please shower just before every treatment. You will find showers next to the cloakroom in the entrance area, moreover there are showers in the area for packs, next to the Kristallpool and in the SPA area.

  • Shaving:

The following applies to our male guests before a facial:  please shave two hours beforehand at the latest. The following applies to full body peelings:  sea salt can burn in the smallest of skin wounds, so please take care when shaving on the same day as the peeling.

  • Sunbathing:

Some aromatherapy oils can make the skin sensitive to the sun, please inform our therapists if you want to go outside and enjoy the sun on the same day.

  • Eating and drinking:

Massages and bathing do not really agree with a full stomach, please try to refrain from eating at least one hour before a treatment. It is mainly in combination with “hot” treatments that you will lose a relatively high amount of fluid but in most forms of bodywork the fluid in your body tissue will be displaced, so please drink a lot of water (or tea).

  • Alcohol:

For therapy reasons alcohol may not be consumed in the Physikarium.
Guests who appear for their appointment having consumed alcohol may be denied the treatment depending on physical impairment if there is a risk of injury to the guest due to the effects of alcohol (increased risk of collapse during warm baths, for example).

  • Smoking:

The Physikarium is a non-smoking area without exception.

  • Mobile phones:

Out of consideration for all our guests we kindly ask you to switch off the ring tone on your mobile phone when in the therapy area. Mobile phones must be completely switched off in the electrotherapy department as they could have an adverse effect on the electrical equipment.

  • Children:

In principle we are delighted to welcome children! We offer special treatments for our young guests. The presence of an authorised guardian during the treatment is expressly desired.For safety reasons exercising on the fitness apparatus in the fitness room is only permitted from the age of 16.

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