Packs & peelings

Full body packs in the dry float system (per 30 min)

  • Thalasso algae pack

purifying and detoxifying

  • Rasul mud pack

cleansing and stimulating blood flow

  • Goad butter cream pack

lipid regulating for sensitive and dry skin

  • Babor body wrap

Anti aging or vitamin

  • Face mask

during the pack

Spa packs in the thermal spa Bad Schallerbach

Full body peelings “gentle and soft to the touch” (per 20 min)

  • Finest sea salt peeling with pure vegetable oils and precious aroma oil blends:
    - Relax: relaxing with lavender, sandalwood and orange
    - Balance: harmonising with lemon grass, vetiver and myrtle
    - Energy: stimulating with mint, Atlas cedar and rosemary
  • Babor Scen Tao Peeling

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