Ayurveda massage


Your body is massaged in several different positions with a lot of warm oil (up to a quarter of a litre). The quantity of oil is explained by the reasoning behind Ayurveda, by which the Abhyanga is primarily concerned with “purification and detoxification”. The oil is intended to draw metabolic waste out of the skin, for which you need a lot of oil. The classic Abhyanga has 7 positions, including lying positions and sitting.

The massage techniques mainly comprise long strokes that rub the oil into your skin, kneading and rubbing. After each massage a minimum half hour quiet phase is observed, possible additional perspiring and then a shower. Finally your body should be protected against draughts and strong sunlight.

Ayurveda Massages in Bad Schallerbach
  • Sweat pack in the Dry Float System
    Ideal for follow-up sweating following the Abhyanga massage.
  • Shirobhyanga
    Ayurvedic head, neck, face and décolleté massage including warm oil poured over the forehead.
  • Padabhyanga
    Ayurvedic foot and lower leg massage including a sea salt peeling.

Massages with oil, such as the Abhyanga, should not be carried out in the following circumstances:
If you have a sluggish metabolism, blood pressure problems and during the first days of your period.

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