Hamam Massage

The massage

The Hamam massage has developed from the Islamic ritual cleansing in steam baths. It involves a combination of cleansing the body and massage.

Technique inspred by islamic culture in thermal spa Bad Schallerbach

The procedure

It starts with a warm-up phase in a steam bath to ensure that the body and skin are well-supplied with blood. Then first of all a traditional full body peeling is carried out with a “Kese”, a glove made of raw silk or goat's wool, which is rubbed over the entire body to remove dead skin cells.

On a wet massage bench (traditionally on a marble slab) lying face down to start with and finishing by lying on the back. This is followed by pouring water over the body with the “Tas”, a copper bowl. The genital area will be scrupulously covered with “Pestemals” (Turkish cotton towels).

The high point is then the soap lathering massage:  an olive oil soap is used to create a lather all over the body before a mountain of soapy foam is spread over the guest with the soap lathering bag. First of all lying on your back and, to finish, lying face down once again. The massage itself is then carried out with the aid of this foam, with the result that at the end your skin is truly “squeaky clean”.

To complete this ritual, once again copious amounts of water are poured over the body with the Tas, until the last bit of tension has been washed from your body.

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