Healing Stones

The massage

The first hot stone massage was developed in 1993 by an American masseuse Mary D. Hannigan to combine the heat of the basalt stones with massage.

This treatment involves a massage with hot, smoothly polished basalt stones. The stones, which are about the size of your fist, are collected from dried out river beds, are put into pairs and are partly smoothed and polished.

Basalt stones have an especially high iron content and therefore can retain heat for a long time.

Healing Stones - stone massages in the thermal spa of Bad Schallerbach

The procedure

After oil has been rubbed into the guest, his or her entire body is massaged with the hot, oiled stones. The hot stone technique requires the therapist to undergo special training and to maintain a high level of concentration during the massage. Other than the heat, the stones are hardly noticeable as they are very smooth and are only glided over muscled areas.

Anyone who has ever experienced how these stones cause waves of heat to flow throughout the body knows why this massage has rightly earned its place in the category of royal massages.

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