Lomi Lomi Nui

The massage

This traditional healing method from Hawaii not only comprises massage and herbal medicine but also singing and dancing. The word Lomi simply means “massage” and doubling the word stresses its meaning; the addition of “nui” means as much as “unique”.

The Lomi therapist must master seven principles, one of these is “Aloha”:
Aloha – not only a greeting and leave-taking, it has a much deeper meaning: “with love”, “to be with someone”, “sharing happiness and pleasure”.

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage in the Physikarium of Bad Schallerbach

The procedure

The therapist starts with a ritual to prepare him/herself mentally for the massage, whilst you are lying down and letting the music create the right mood for you. You lie on a wide massage couch with an oil-resistant cover and your entire body is massaged using a lot of warm oil.

The massage movements cover an unusually large area using the underarm, are intensive and for the most part gentle. Your body is massaged and your awareness of your body may change significantly.

A massage for dreaming and floating away!

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