Physio relax massage at the thermal spa Bad Schallerbach

This spa massage was developed specifically for treating stress and burnout symptoms. The neurophysiological foundation for this full-body massage draws on studies by the Touch Research Institute of the University of Miami. Studies confirm that certain massage techniques reduce stress hormones while increasing the discharge of endorphins and other “happy” hormones.

New Physio-Relax-Massage

Full-body massage for your relaxation

Beyond the intense and extensive skin contact the masseur creates by using his lower arms, the main focus of this spa massage is on stretching, jiggling and shaking techniques. During the treatment, the masseur also checks your awareness of your own body’s muscle relaxation.

Course of your physio relax massage

Find your cosy, quiet massage room at the Physikarium of the thermal spa resort in Austria. Your masseur treats you with slow smoothing, gentle stretching, careful shaking and jiggling of the large joints. You can also enjoy intensing massaging of your legs and feet.

Effect of this spa massage

The neurophysiologically effective massage techniques reduce your cortisol level, i.e. the concentration of the stress hormone. Additionally, they stimulate the maximum release of endorphins and “happy” hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin. Using this combination, this full-body massage reduces the harmful effects of long-term stress.

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