Shiatsu Massage

The massage

The origins of this massage are found in the Chinese Anma, dedicated Japanese therapists then developed the Shiatsu technique in the last century. “Shi” means thumb and “Tsu” means pressure. It is carried out on a floor mat (futon).

The therapist primarily uses a pressure technique with the thumbs, fingers, elbows, knees and feet, as well as stretches. Following a diagnostic finding at the start of the massage the therapist decides on the dynamics and sequence of the massage as well as on which parts of the body should be massaged.

Shiatsu Massage in the Physikarium of Bad Schallerbach

The basis of Shiatsu is found in Chinese medicine; it is primarily concerned with putting the body’s own energies in balance again, different energy channels, meridians – also known as Jing Lui – ensure the even distribution of energy.
These channels can be influenced through pressure and stretching.

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