Stress-less massage: relaxation for head and neck

You sit at your desk for hours? Your head hurts, your neck burns and work doesn’t seem to be going well? Treat yourself to an indulgence regiment for your tense head and neck during your spa holiday in Bad Schallerbach! The stress-less massage was invented by therapists in Bad Schallerbach to alleviate afflictions caused by frequent or predominant deskwork.

The best of various massage treatments

The stress-less massage unites techniques from the physio relax massage, Indian head massage, slow stretching in the neck and shoulder area, and a few effective extras from Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui treatments. The focus of the stress-less massage on the head, neck and the neighbouring muscle groups leads to lasting improvement, particularly in case of tension headaches and similar afflictions.

Stress-less massage in the Physikarium of the thermal spa Bad Schallerbach

The course of your stress-less massage in Bad Schallerbach

The stress-less massage focuses on your upper body. The muscles in the upper back, neck, head, upper body, shoulders, décolleté and face get gently loosened up and relaxed. This is how your spa massage in the health centre Physikarium will pan out:

  1. Back, neck and shoulders are massaged, stretched and relaxed in prone position. The scalp is worked on slowly and rhythmically.
  2. In dorsal position, your décolleté is first massaged, then your neck gets “drawn out” and stretched laterally. Afterward, the shoulders and the lateral upper body with chest and back muscles are worked on. Finally, the neck is massaged again.
  3. Now it’s time for the ears and the face. The forehead muscles are opened with an “infinite loop” with both of the masseuse’s hands. A concluding, extensive massage of the scalp finishes up.

Pleasant massage of the upper body for ladies & gentlemen

The stress-less massage is carried out on a wide, softly cushioned massage table. As you’re only being massaged from the waist up, you only have to undress the upper body. Lying on the back, your chest is covered with a linen sheet.

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