Vunkuwa African Massage

The massage

This massage comes from a woman of the Sotho tribe in South Africa. Carol Mathebula learnt the ancient massage technique from her great-grandmother, who also passed on to her an inexhaustible knowledge of African medicinal herbs. Contrary to today’s trend that expects massages to be mainly relaxing, the Vunkuwa is a very vigorous treatment to build up energy

Vunkuwa African Massage in the Physikarium of Bad Schallerbach

The procedure

This treatment involves a full body massage. During the first 10 minutes your body is massaged very vigorously through the linen cloth. Then oil is quickly rubbed into your legs and special techniques are used to work on your legs, for example “Pulule”, an extremely fast style of rubbing across the length of the legs, fast vigorous kneading with the knuckles and a special fan or “spider touch” with the fingers spread far apart.

Similar techniques are applied to the back and in addition “patanetsa”, pressure on the spinal region. Lying on your back, your legs will be massaged again, finally the upper body or décolleté, your head and face.

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