Therapies and ambulatory rehabilitation in Bad Schallerbach

Whether for a health holiday, therapy or ambulatory rehabilitation in Bad Schallerbach, actively contribute to your well-being with the natural sulphur thermal water, treatments and spa sessions. Therapies for the musculoskeletal system, back, heart and circulation are the main focus at the Physikarium of the health centre in Bad Schallerbach. Furthermore, increase your strength, endurance and mobility with medical training therapy. Find out more about the offers at the EurothermenResort Bad Schallerbach now!

Sulphur water therapy in Bad Schallerbach

Physikarium in Bad Schallerbach

If you’d like to take advantage of physiotherapeutical treatments or ambulatory rehabilitation in Bad Schallerbach, please contact your health insurance provider first. Many therapies are at least partly reimbursed. These include physiotherapy, massages, electrotherapy, para-fango packs, sulphur thermal and fresh water therapies, as well as various wraps.

Physiotherapy at the Bad Schallerbach health resort

You’re in the very best hands with the experienced therapists at the Physikarium, the therapy centre in Bad Schallerbach. Tried and tested treatments strengthen the musculoskeletal system and back. This prevents back pain and alleviates and heals existing ailments.

Medical exercise therapy in Upper Austria

Lose weight and increase your strength in a targeted manner with controlled full-body training on medical power and cardio equipment. Ailments are alleviated or disappear completely. Experience a day of training therapy with heart & circulation test and coordination test, personal training, and Galileo® vibration training with the trial package. Tip: If you’re impressed, best book the follow-up subscription with 12 1-hour training therapy sessions!

Rehabilitation in Bad Schallerbach: healing with sulphur

Enjoy the effect of healing sulphur thermal water, which flows directly into the therapy pool from a depth of approx. 4,60 m at 37 °C. Doctors and therapists use the healing water for numerous treatments. Additionally, numerous other therapies, such as physiotherapy and training therapy, physical medicine, stress management and consultation for health-improving lifestyle changes, are applied at the Bad Schallerbach health centre

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