Physiotherapy and medical training therapy in Bad Schallerbach

Annoying aches, limited mobility and pain force unwanted breaks? Regain mobility and joy of life with the help of the team of trained therapists in the health centre Physikarium Bad Schallerbach! Since the causes for afflictions of the posture, locomotive and musculoskeletal system are manifold, thorough medical examination precedes the start of your therapy. Your physiotherapist can diagnose disorders of coordination and can intervene to help with purposeful physiotherapy and/or medical training therapy.

Medicinal training therapy in Bad Schallerbach

Physiotherapy at our health centre in Upper Austria

Pain in the spinal discs, ligaments, muscles and sinews, bursa or joint capsule, bones or periosteum can be very unnerving! There are multitudes bundles of nerve fibres throughout the body that can cause pain. Prevent pain or remove it, lessen or eliminate limited mobility after operations or immobilisation of arm and leg joints, and successfully combat muscle weakness and muscle contractions. Utilise the physiotherapy offerings in Bad Schallerbach:

  • Physiotherapeutic sessions
  • Group physical therapy
  • Mobilisation/manual therapy
  • Tergumed® training sessions

Medical training therapy in the Physikarium Bad Schallerbach

Medical training therapy is a controlled full-body training that allows you to train and strengthen power, endurance, coordination and flexibility. The ideal interaction between nervous system, muscles and cardiovascular system is supported with one-on-one training therapy, health deficits are improved or fully eliminated. Trained on medical power and cardio equipment under the guidance of experienced physiotherapists in the health centre Physikarium Bad Schallerbach. The following offerings of the medical training therapy are available to you in Bad Schallerbach:

  • Cardiovascular test: IPN® test (20 min)
  • Vibrations device Galileo®: strengthening and relaxation of the muscles from the legs to the torso through oscillation (vibrations of the plate) triggering stretching reflexes.
  • Coordination test MFT® Balance: The graphic presentation on a screen facilitates the evaluation of coordination skills and balance. Training progress can be recorded and documented.

Trial package medical training therapy

  • Get the know the successful training methods and test in the health centre Physikarium in Bad Schallerbach:
  • Personal trainer MTT (60 min)
  • Cardiovascular test IPN® (20 min)
  • Coordination test MFT®
  • Galileo® vibration training

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Consultation on medical training therapy

Please note that the training for the posture, locomotive and musculoskeletal system is not possible in case of acute joint inflammation, severe lung or cardiovascular diseases. Consult your doctor before starting the therapy! Tip: Physiotherapy and stays for health promotion and preservation are partially covered by the health insurances upon presenting the respective doctor’s order. Get in touch with your insurance regarding the scope of your benefits!

Sulphur treatments in the therapy centre Physikarium

All physiotherapeutic measures are supplemented with sulphur spring waters from the naturally occurring thermals in Bad Schallerbach. The healing water comes from a depth of 460 m and flows directly into the therapy pools at a natural temperature of 37 °C. In addition to your physiotherapy and training therapy sessions, you have the option of sulphur water treatments (with non-sulphur water in case of allergy or other). Effective applications, such as massages, electrotherapy, warm packs and wraps, support the healing process and alleviate afflictions.

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Therapy for the musculoskeletal system Bad Schallerbach
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