Rehabilitation for back pain in Austria

Back pain needs to be treated by experienced physiotherapists, but you can also do wonders using ambulatory rehabilitation as a preventative measure against limited movement, blockages and chronic pain. In Bad Schallerbach, successful therapies are offered to prevent and heal back pain. Say goodbye to hurts and aches, and enjoy your active life!

Therapies in Bad Schallerbach

Back pain therapy in Bad Schallerbach

Physiotherapy in Bad Schallerbach against back pain

Qualified physiotherapists are there to help you at the Physikarium in Bad Schallerbach. They analyse the cause of discomfort in the supporting and musculoskeletal system before setting up an individual therapy plan to tackle your back pain. Physiotherapy for the back gives you considerable relief, makes you more mobile and restores the joy of exercising!

Indications for ambulatory rehabilitation in Bad Schallerbach

Back pain has a lot of causes. Stress, incorrect or a lack of exercise, and many hours of sitting at a desk are just as much part of this as blockages, complaints following operations or various kinds of spinal issues. Your physiotherapist in Bad Schallerbach knows the causes and exercises that can help you to strengthen and stretch your muscles.

Physiotherapy for the back in Bad Schallerbach

Rehabilitation against back pain and back training

A combined ambulatory therapy of physiotherapy, baths and packs is used to treat radiologically documented disorders, e.g. slipped discs. You can take advantage of ten 25-minute kinesiatrics sessions, ten 20-minute health baths and ten 25-minute fango packs over the course of three weeks.

After an operation, rehabilitation in Bad Schallerbach helps you to regain your mobility. Experienced therapists get you back up and running with ten 20-minute water gymnastics sessions, ten 25-minute kinesiatrics sessions and ten 15-minute healing massages over the course of three weeks.

Physiotherapy after an operation

Back training billing with health insurance providers

The team of the Physikarium in Bad Schallerbach will be happy to obtain approval for the therapy from your health insurance provider. First, all planned therapies are paid by you in advance. Upon completing the final treatment, you will receive a bill that you can submit to your health insurance provider along with the prescription. You will be reimbursed for around 30% of the cost.

The Physikarium in Bad Schallerbach can bill some Austrian health insurance providers directly, i.e. the BVA, the SV of farmers and the VA of railroad employees. In these cases, you only have to meet possible retention costs. The Physikarium team is happy to inform you on +43 7249 440 810 or 811. Alternately, you can email your question to

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