Health check on holiday in Bad Schallerbach

Spend a holiday in Bad Schallerbach with active health protection! Don’t wait until afflictions or pain rear their ugly heads, but find out how healthy your heart and blood vessels are with a cardiovascular check-up. Relax three days and two nights at the four-star superior Hotel Paradiso, enjoy all amenities of the indulgence half-board package as well as relaxation on holiday at the hotel thermal spa and get a thorough medical examination at the cardiovascular diagnostic centre in Wels!

Combine Wellness and Therapy in Bad Schallerbach

“Heart badge” with a cardiovascular check-up

The holiday prevention offer with cardiovascular check-up in Bad Schallerbach helps early forms of arteriosclerosis (vasoconstriction) to be recognised and starts appropriate therapies early to prevent a dreaded heart attack or stroke. Best arrive on Sunday afternoon and start with having a blood sample taken on Monday morning, which is promptly analysed at the Wels laboratory. After breakfast, the shuttle service brings you to the cardiovascular check-up at the Wels diagnostic centre, where you are thoroughly examined and advised by doctors. If everything checks out fine, you can continue to enjoy your holiday in Bad Schallerbach. If there are any abnormalities in the diagnostic findings, an appointment with a cardiovascular specialist can be made on the next day.

Check-up & relaxation on holiday: package deal

  • Three days / two nights in Superior double room at the four-star superior spa Hotel Paradiso in Bad Schallerbach
  • Including indulgence half-board package
  • Including shuttle service to the cardiovascular diagnostic centre in Wels and back
  • Including cardiovascular check-up with extensive blood test, thorough medical examination and consultation for a healthy heart, diagnosis of arteriosclerosis with duplex sonography (ultrasound), body mass index and body fat ratio, resting ECG
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