Applications for the musculoskeletal system in Bad Schallerbach

There is a great number of applications and therapies for your posture, locomotive and musculoskeletal system available in the health centre Physikarium in Upper Austria. First and foremost, applications with sulphur, the “yellow gold”, have an alleviating and healing effect. The naturally occurring sulphur thermal spring water comes from a depth of 460 m and flows directly into the therapy pools in the health centre at 37 °C. Treatments with sulphur thermal water are complemented with numerous other therapies. Here they are briefly!

Multifaceted applications and therapies

Spring and thermal baths with non-sulphur “sweet” water

Baths with non-sulphur, or “sweet” water are an appropriate alternative in case of existing sulphur intolerances. The water treatments, each lasting 20 minutes, have a calming, perfusion-promotion, expectorant, oil-replenishing, purifying or anti-rheumatic effect due to various bath additives.

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Wraps – gentle therapy in Bad Schallerbach

You might remember grandma’s good old treatment to wrap up warm, the prime household remedy in case of fever, colds or inflammations. Wrapping is a very effective method to alleviate and health numerous ailments. The health centre Physikarium we do wraps with curd, clay, salt and hay.

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Thermal bath in Bad Schallerbach

Para-fango packs for pleasant warmth

Pains, tensions and limited mobility can be resolved and alleviated through warmth. The health centre Physikarium in Bad Schallerbach uses para-fango packs exceeding 50 °C to stimulate the metabolism and perfusion, and to sustainably relax the muscles.

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Electrotherapy – treatments with stimulation current

This therapy is prescribed by your doctor! No worries though, if your therapist in Bad Schallerbach “electrifies” you, you will only feel a pleasant tingling. Electrotherapy is successfully used to treat neuralgia, nervous palsy, muscle weakness, connective tissue and perfusion disorders, and tinnitus.

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Massages for mobility and relaxation

Massages in Bad Schallerbach don’t just have a purely mechanical effect on the muscles, they also affect the autonomic nervous system and the pain memory. We get you back on your feet with classic massages, lymphatic drainages, reflexology and acupressure massages, connective tissue massages, and Dorn Breuss treatments!

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