It’s electric: electrotherapy in Bad Schallerbach

No worries: When we energise you in Bad Schallerbach, you won’t feel more than a soft, comfortable tingling! Electrotherapeutics can help with many afflictions: Neural paralysis and amyosthenia, myogelosis and rigid connective tissue, and circulatory disorders are treated with electrotherapy in Bad Schallerbach.

Electrotherapy at Physikarium Bad Schallerbach

Electromagnetic fields have been used to treat diseases since the 18th century. A lot has happened since in the field of electrotherapy. Many treatments are offered at Bad Schallerbach today: stimulation current therapy such as galvanisation, iontophoresis, surge current, interferential current, diadynamic current, hydrogalvanic treatments, ultrasound and hyperfrequency waves.

Important: Medical prescription is mandatory for electrotherapy!

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