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Benefits from your health/social insurance in the Physikarium

The Physikarium is a recognised treatment centre, this means that within the scope of the alternative doctor agreement various insurers may refund part of the costs.
Direct invoice agreements have been concluded with some insurers.

Reimbursable treatments are basically all sulphurous water therapies, remedial exercises, medical massages, Fango packs and electrotherapy (for certain illnesses or insurers special massages are covered (e.g. lymph drainage) and Kneipp treatments).

Insurance Information

How do you get a treatment at Bad Schallerbach?

General procedure:

First of all you need a medical prescription.
You can obtain this from your general practitioner (GP), consultant, spa doctor or a doctor in a hospital outpatient clinic. Usually 18 to 30 treatments are prescribed. If sulphurous water therapy is prescribed, you will need an additional examination by a spa doctor.

You then come to us in the Physikarium with the prescription, if the authorisation of a head physician is required for the treatment (depending on the insurance and the type/number of treatments), we will fax the prescription to your insurer and obtain the authorisation for you. (Note: some insurers want to have the original prescription!)

Subject to authorisation by the health insurance fund, you can then commence treatment immediately (or upon receipt of the authorisation). (If you want to be sure of how many and which treatments you are allowed to have, obtain authorisation from your insurer before your therapy starts).

For self-pay patients the following applies:

The treatments will be scheduled at reception and are payable in advance (according to the treatment schedule).
After your last treatment you will receive a complete and precise invoice from us that you can submit to your insurer together with your prescription.

Depending on the insurer and type of therapy, you will be reimbursed between 20% and 45% of the costs.
For example with the OÖ GKK (Upper Austrian regional health fund):

  • Health bath                                    about 35% reimbursement
  • Classic partial massage              about 25% reimbursement
  • Remedial exercise                        about 45% reimbursement

Those insured with the OÖGKK are subject to the treatments prescribed being taken on 6 therapy days, otherwise they are subject to authorisation by a head physician. (Therefore usually 3 x 6 = 18 treatments per prescription)

Teachers (LKUF): please visit the LKUF-website for detailled information

The following rules apply to public employees of regional governments (KFL): Outpatient spa treatments may be claimed three times within a 5-year period, a medical prescription (with spa town, diagnosis and treatments) must be forwarded as an original to the insurer and authorised by a head physician prior to commencement of the spa treatment. Upon completion of the treatments (in an optional period of time), the invoice with the authorised prescription will be sent to the insurer again and an amount of the invoice up to a maximum lump sum (currently €508) will be reimbursed. Should you live in the spa town itself and complete all treatment within 21 days, you have an additional claim for a daily allowance.

For municipal public employees spa treatments are authorised (maximum 3 times in 5 years, however no more than once a year) if the length of the remedial treatment amounts to a maximum of 14 days. The scope of benefits then amounts to a maximum lump sum of € 504.

he following applies to those insured in industry (SVA): 3 times 10 treatments per incident of illness following medical prescription will be covered. Additional treatments (and also certain individual treatments!!) are subject to authorisation by a head physician. In any event it is recommended that authorisation is obtained before commencement of the treatment.
Pre-defined rates per treatment will be reimbursed (approximately between 25% and 45% of the costs).

Physiotherapy at Bad Schallerbach

Direct settlement

Direct settlement agreements have been concluded with the following health funds (this means that apart from the deductible you do not incur any costs with us):

InsurersNumber of treatments without authorisation
Versicherungsanstalt öffentlicher Bediensteter (BVA)(30 Therapies/Quarter)
Sozialversicherungsanstalt der Bauern(24/Quarter)
Versicherungsanstalt der Eisenbahner und Bergbau(21/Quarter)
Bundessozialämter für alle Bundesländer(unlimited)
Magistrat Krankenfürsorge Linz(unlimited)

As the conditions change continuously, please contact your insurer for accurate information.
For further information please call the Physikarium reception on 07249 440 811.

Reception opening hours      Mon - Sat                               7.30am to 5.30pm
                                                      Sunday, Bank holidays         8.30am to 2.00pm

Additional and more detailed information can be obtained from your respective insurance institution. Despite taking every care we cannot accept responsibility for the correctness of this information. Status October 2017.

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